One Conservative Lawyer Wants To Know Why The DOJ Seized Two “Binders of Photos” From President Trump

One Conservative Lawyer Wants To Know Why The DOJ Seized Two “Binders of Photos” From President Trump

The Deep State (which includes forces from the left and right) has played most of its cards to try to get rid of President Trump, but nothing has worked. Even though they ousted him from the White House, he’s still more powerful than ever. The latest big effort to destroy Trump was that goofy J6 hearing, that was a huge flop. So, they had to go in a new direction… and raiding his home was the desperate route they took. The all-encompassing “fishing for anything under the sun” warrant the FBI had allowed them to remove everything from Trump’s entire presidency… I mean, everything. It was literally a “free for all.” And again, this happened because they haven’t been able to get Trump with anything, including the J6 Kangaroo Court, so this is a Hail Mary pass before he announced his plans to run in 2024 and the 2022 midterms.

And within this new “free for all” the Deep State has unleashed, are a lot of questions… and one of those is about a couple of binders filled with photos that President Trump had at Mar-a-Lago. And an attorney named “Techno Fog” looks into this.

If you’re not familiar with Techno Fog, you’re missing out. He’s a legal whiz, an attorney, who is anonymous on Twitter, but who many believe is a high-ranking lawyer in the government. He put out a tweet yesterday that asked…”Why did the DOJ seize “binders of photos” from Trump?

Good question…I’d like to know why.

Here’s exactly what Techno Fog said in his tweet: “Why did the Biden DOJ seize “binders of photos” from Trump? Because they’re alleging Trump’s possession of unclassified documents is a crime. Now you know why Garland isn’t answering questions.”

And here’s a closeup of the document he shared:

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Techno Fog has a Substack, and I’d encourage you to subscribe because he always has the best insight. And this situation is no exception. Techno goes through and addresses many issues and questions about that warrant, and Garland’s next moves.

[…] the scope of the warrant (related to my first point discussing the statutes). A lot has been said about the removal of classified information. Yet the statutes prohibit the removal of other documents (or, in the case of Section 1519, the destruction of records) – not just those that are classified. I’ll add that 18 USC 2071, mentioned in the search warrant documents, does not require a record to be classified for prosecution to be successful. For example, that statute has been used to prosecute a court employee for stealing a sealed affidavit filed with a federal court.2

Anyways, look to Attachment B, which seeks both classified and unclassified documents, evidence of transmission of “national defense information or classified material,” and evidence relating to the alternation/destruction of “Presidential Records, or of any documents with classification markings”:

And looking at the “Receipt for Property,” the DOJ/FBI apparently seized items that were likely unclassified, such as two binders of photos.

Third, what remains at issue is whether Trump can be charged with these violations. This isn’t a normal criminal case. Rather, it implicates this country’s foundational separations of powers, and whether Congress can limit the power of the Executive. Put it another way, can Congress criminalize declassification by a US President? I think not. The same might be said for the preservation of records after a President leaves office. Mike Davis has some great points on this general topic:

It is exceedingly reckless that Merrick Garland went through with these warrants despite the serious Constitutional issues that would emerge if these statutes were used to prosecute Trump.

Then there are the missing documents. We don’t have the most important part of the warrant application: the affidavit in support prepared by an FBI agent. The affidavit would likely describe:

The basis for believing that classified documents, including those relating to nuclear weapons, were at Mar-A-Lago;
The history of the Trump classified documents investigation;
The assertion of probable cause that Trump had committed a crime; and
Information gathered through surveillance or through informants (most notably whoever told the FBI about the safe).

Techno explains how this is a “media war.” What Garland actually has, is likely very different from what he wants the public to think he has. In other words, he’s trying to scare the daylights out of people with the “N-word” (nuclear) and make President Trump sound like a madman.

What was in those binders of photos is still a mystery. But I have a feeling we’ll find out what they are after that affidavit is released… and trust me, there’s a good reason Garland not quick to release it.

Deep State has done what they wanted – they scared and poisoned the public with their “nuclear weapons” nonsense. As it stands now, the DOJ will probably fight the release of the full search warrant, because as Techno explains, leaks can be managed; full disclosure is much tougher to defend.

I’d encourage you to read Techno’s entire piece. You can find it here.

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