[VIDEO] Trump’s Lawyer Drops a Cryptic Clue About Paul Pelosi’s Drunk Accident On Fox News

[VIDEO] Trump’s Lawyer Drops a Cryptic Clue About Paul Pelosi’s Drunk Accident On Fox News

We all figure that Paul Pelosi is getting the liberal elite “white glove” treatment when it comes to his DUI arrest, right? I mean, if it were you or I, we’d be in jail right now. But Paul is gallivanting around Italy, and hobnobbing back at home with all of his rich, liberal pals, without a care in the world. What does he have to worry about? This is a man who can afford an entire freezer filled with $14 dollar ice cream and his wife is one of the most powerful politicians in the world. And that’s why we’ll never really know what happened that night when a drunken Paul blew through a stop sign and slammed into another car — police will not release the bodycam footage, claiming it would “jeopardize” the investigation.

Yeah, sure bet.

There’s been a lot of suspicion around this story, and rumors are flying fast and furious. Was there someone else in the car with Paul when the accident happened?

That issue was first brought up by Jesse Watters on his Fox News show. He was referencing something a New York Times reporter wrote about in a story when this happened:

Watters also talked about how The New York Times claimed there was a witness to the crash and “sympathy” for Paul Pelosi in the area. Never mind that the old buzzard was drunk and flying around the town like a blind bat out of hell.

“Where did the witness come from on the side of the road? Watters wondered if the “witness” was actually someone who was in Paul’s car. “We don’t know that. But again, this is the problem you get when you don’t release the information so that we can get an accurate record of the facts.”

Watters said the police refused to confirm or deny that there was anyone in the car with him. Watters went on to explain that the sheriff who arrived on scene said he knew the answer as to whether there was anyone in the car, but he couldn’t say.

Hmmm. Interesting, right? 

Watters said that his team also asked local firefighters who were there if they had any information on the accident. He also said that if the D.A. doesn’t give up the information, they’ll take them to court to get it.

Well, now, this issue is heating back up, because President Trump’s lawyer Lindsey Halligan appeared on Fox News, and she referenced Paul Pelosi’s possible ” passenger” in a very cryptic statement.

The person who shared the video below thinks Pelosi has a child in his car. There is no evidence at all of that, and I think it’s far more likely that Pelosi was cheating on his shrill, vodka-soaked bride Nancy with another woman or another man…

Pelosi was on a work trip when the accident took place.

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You can watch the video below:

Pretty interesting stuff, but as Trump’s lawyer correctly points out, we live in a two-tiered justice system, where liberal elites do whatever they want, and get away with murder, and the rest of us are run through the wringer… and nobody knows better how that works than President Trump, who the left has been targeting for about 7 years now.

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