Yesterday’s FBI Raid On Donald Trump Was Just The Start; America Wake Up!

Yesterday’s FBI Raid On Donald Trump Was Just The Start; America Wake Up!

The opening shot in the war on conservatives was fired yesterday in an attack on our nation. Never in the history of our nation has the FBI conducted a raid on the residence of a former president.

The radical left demonstrated the dishonest extent they would go to in 2024 to prevent President Trump from running, but as Trump has always stated, “The truth is that they are after you, not me. I simply get in the way.”

The dishonest FBI and DOJ that engineered the Russian Collusion Hoax have done it once more. At a totally new level this time. Government cannot continue to be used as a weapon against its own people and political rivals. For our country, these are trying times.

We, the people, are tired and furious as all get-out. Come help us fight back. To keep speaking the truth, we require your assistance.

You will be directly assisting our in-depth investigative research that exposes the corruption of the Biden cabal by becoming a VIP member. Simply pure conservative content that will arm you with the facts and help you see through the liberal media’s spin—there are no advertisements. Telling the truth is our top priority since it’s what leftists don’t want you to know.

From just this morning: “The man behind the 2016 Russia collusion lie and the 2020 widespread, coordinated drive to change election laws and procedures confesses this is about the government manipulating yet another election.”

Even though yesterday was terrible, if they can treat a former president like this, imagine what they can do to you with their 87,000 new IRS agents and the full weight of the federal government.

Become a part of the’s army that is defending America and the freedoms we cherish. We won’t concede. Never, never, never.

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