There is a Very Interesting New Theory About The “Trump Raid” That Nobody Saw Coming

There is a Very Interesting New Theory About The “Trump Raid” That Nobody Saw Coming

Oh boy, have I got a doozy of a theory for you… It’s about the FBI “Trump raid,” and I don’t think you could see this one coming from a mile away, but there is some evidence out there that supports this theory, so follow along and see what you think about it. Now, there are a lot of theories out there — one I actually proposed a couple of days ago is that Trump was planning to go down the escalator at Trump Tower on 8/8/2022 and announce his run for 2024, and Team Biden got wind of it and raided his home to stop the announcement and send a “warning shot” to President Trump.

Sounds plausible, right? 

Well, now there’s another theory that is way more “out there” but I also think it’s plausible — mainly because we live in really strange times and anything goes, sadly.

The theory goes something like this: What if Dem operatives ordered the Mar-a-Lago raid to make Joe look bad and sink him so he can’t even think about running in 2024, and he quietly goes away without making a big fuss? I mean, it’s not out of the realm of possibility, is it? Here’s what Human Events editor Jack Posobiec said: “One interesting read on the Mar-a-Lago Raid is the FBI did it to make Biden look bad to eventually push him out of the way for 2024 Would explain the Newsweek piece ”

Let’s explore this…

So, Jack mentions the Newsweek article. If you don’t know what that is, it’s this really weird, and damning article that basically says the whole raid was a huge flub by the FBI, who did not know it would be a PR nightmare, and thought it was no big deal to just raid Trump’s house and remove boxes they were looking for, and paw through Melani’s wardrobe.

The raid on Mar-a-Lago was based largely on information from an FBI confidential human source, one who was able to identify what classified documents former President Trump was still hiding and even the location of those documents, two senior government officials told Newsweek.

The officials, who have direct knowledge of the FBI’s deliberations and were granted anonymity in order to discuss sensitive matters, said the raid of Donald Trump’s Florida residence was deliberately timed to occur when the former president was away.

FBI decision-makers in Washington and Miami thought that denying the former president a photo opportunity or a platform from which to grandstand (or to attempt to thwart the raid) would lower the profile of the event, says one of the sources, a senior Justice Department official who is a 30-year veteran of the FBI.

The effort to keep the raid low-key failed: instead, it prompted a furious response from GOP leaders and Trump supporters. “What a spectacular backfire,” says the Justice official.

“I know that there is much speculation out there that this is political persecution, but it is really the best and the worst of the bureaucracy in action,” the official says. “They wanted to punctuate the fact that this was a routine law enforcement action, stripped of any political overtones, and yet [they] got exactly the opposite.”

This is one of the strangest articles ever. How could the FBI not realize that any “raid” on Trump’s home wouldn’t be a huge deal to him and his supporters? I mean, this makes no sense. They had to know, they can’t be this stupid, there’s just no way… so this has a very “suspicious” feel to it. The raid looks even more as if it was ordered by Trump’s enemies, by this response.

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And next is the polling. The day after the raid, top pollster Trafalgar polled the American people, and they were not happy. Independent voters and Republicans are now more motivated than ever to vote in 2022 and most Americans believe it was Trump’s political enemies who did this to him.

And the Republican response — from McCarthy, Cruz, Hawley, Freedom Caucus, and others has been loud and angry, which is supposedly catching Dems off guard. And then you have Joe Biden refusing to comment on this and Garland trying to distance himself from it.

It definitely feels like this could have been setup to make Biden look even worse and take away from the recent bill he signed, which is a nightmare for the American middle class, but one that he was touting as his own personal success.

I think time will tell. If Garland goes ahead and indicts President Trump on some phony charges, then this theory is a bust. But if he and Biden just try to make all of this go away, then my guess is that this theory could be spot-on.

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