This Iconic Photo of Tucker and President Trump at NJ Golf Tourney Has Liberals in TEARS (Literally)

This Iconic Photo of Tucker and President Trump at NJ Golf Tourney Has Liberals in TEARS (Literally)

President Trump hosted the wildly successful LIV Golf tourney this past week, and by the looks of things, he was having the time of his life. President Trump basked in the glow of the spotlight all week as the startup league set up shop in Somerset County, New Jersey. From the A-list parties to the actual tournament, President Trump was the star attraction and even dwarfed the tour’s biggest stars, like Phil Mickelson and Dustin Johnson. But it was his political guests who had everyone buzzing, and liberals literally losing their minds. And of course, the #1 trigger for the left was Fox News host Tucker Carlson, who was photographed with President Trump in one of the best pictures ever.

You look at this photo and you wonder, what did Trump just say to Tucker, that made him burst into laughter like that? Whatever it was, I have a feeling it had to do with Joe Biden, because nobody is more a joke and a laugh than that guy and his fraudulent “presidency.”

This photo couldn’t be more iconic and perfect if it tried:

And the fact that this picture caused Liberals to go into major meltdown mode was the icing on the cake.

“I’m crying. These two criminals should be in jail right now” 

“I am looking at this photo screaming into the void. How can this evil be allowed to happen in our country?”


But the rest of the sane world enjoyed the photo:

“Tucker has such a great laugh! I can almost hear him now.”

“Tucker, can you believe people still think Biden was legally elected?”

“I was there yesterday—best golf tournament ever!”

“Liberals are literally in tears over this lmao” 

“Can you imagine if Tucker was Trump’s VP??” 

“And then he got Covid a second time…”

”So, then Mike said, ‘I’m gonna run in ’24.”’

“I see a person who wants to fix things and one who wants to tell the whole truth. This pic gives me hope” 

“Tuckers laugh is contagious”

“Man, that would have been an amazing place to hang out” 

Everyone had a good time at the tournament:

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I love that Tucker and President Trump are still close. I know it’s frustrating that Tucker doesn’t talk about the 2020 fraud, but I think that has to do a lot more with Fox News than it does with Tucker. It’s clear that Fox will do anything to avoid any talk about the sham election. Just look what they did to Lou Dobbs…

This tournament couldn’t have been more successful if it tried, and we love to see it!

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