[VIDEO] Quick Question, Does THIS Look Like a “Secure” US Election to You?

[VIDEO] Quick Question, Does THIS Look Like a “Secure” US Election to You?

What I am about to show you took place in Clark County, Washington – not Nevada. And it has many people very concerned. Once again, the security of our elections has come into play, and for good reason. In this video, which first appeared on TikTok, we see a woman in her car and she’s waiting in line to drop a ballot off in a “dropbox.” I don’t even understand why we’re still doing this “dropbox” nonsense, which is ripe for cheating. People should cast their ballot in person at a polling place unless they need a mail-in ballot for medical reasons, or if they’re going to be out of town. And what happens here with this woman is exactly why this is such a bad idea. As the woman is waiting to drop her ballot in the box, a “voting worker” is standing there with a big random “duffle bag,” asking to take her ballot. The woman is suspicious and asks why… the voting worker says something about the drop box being full and closing and keeps insisting to take the woman’s ballot.

The woman holds her ground and says she’ll drop her ballot in the box. But this raises a lot of questions and concerns, doesn’t it? Who is that woman, and why is it okay for her to take possession of a US ballot for an election and toss it in an unsecured bag? And where is that bag going after it’s full? I mean, the list of questions and concerns goes on and on. There is nothing “secure” about this, and it just goes to show that our elections are a banana republic joke, and nobody should feel as if their vote is being properly respected.

Watch this and tell me, do you think this looks “secure?”

You can watch the video below:

And many are saying what this lady was doing was likely illegal:


Poll after poll shows most Americans believe there was cheating in 2020. Of course, there was. You’d have to be an absolute idiot if you thought an election that was flooded with a tsunami of unprecedented mail-in ballots — many of which were later deemed “illegal,” was “secure.” It was not, and everyone knows it, but the media and the establishment GOP and Dems are calling anyone who questions the security and validity of 2o2o “elections deniers.” This is a way to shame people into NOT talking about 2020, so they can continue with mail-in ballots, drop boxes, and ballot harvesting. This is their “power” and they need it to win.

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Don’t let them do it. Don’t let them use words to control you. It’s their biggest and best weapon against us and we need to take that power away from them. Keep talking about 2020, keep asking questions, and demanding answers and change.

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