12-Year-Old Girl Shoots Father in Alleged Plot With Friend to Murder Their Families And Pets

12-Year-Old Girl Shoots Father in Alleged Plot With Friend to Murder Their Families And Pets

This gruesome and bizarre story involves a young girl, only 12 years old. So, that would make her at the very end of Gen Z, possibly the beginning of the Alpha Generation, the one coming up after Gen Z. Either way, what a mess this story is. I saw it posted in the New York Post, and I couldn’t believe what I was reading. So, it starts out like this — a 12-year-old girl shot her father and then turned the gun on herself after making a very confusing pact with a friend, who was also 12-years-old, to murder their families and run away together, Texas officials said.

For weeks, the girl and her pal had planned the brutal murder plot, which included killing their families and even their pets before driving off together to Georgia, according to the Parker County Sheriff’s Office said. Killing the family is bad enough, and the pets? I mean, most kids, even if they hate their parents will still love their pets. This just shows a level of sickness that’s off the charts, if you ask me.

Thankfully, her friend never went through with the plan, authorities said.

But the 12-year-old did go through with it. Police responded to a residence in Weatherford, Texas about 30 miles west of Fort Worth, around 11:30 p.m. Tuesday after receiving a report of a shooting. When they arrived, they found the 12-year-old girl lying in the street with a handgun underneath her, and she had what looked to be a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head.

This is the part that I don’t get. Why on earth would you shoot yourself in the head, if your plan was to get in a car and run away? Like I said, this was not a well-thought-out plan by any means.

The girl’s father, who’s 38-years-old, was inside the house with a gunshot wound to the abdomen.

Both father and daughter were taken to local hospitals by air ambulance. Their current conditions are unknown at this time.

Investigators discovered that after killing her father, the 12-year-old girl planned to drive to pick up her female friend all the way in Lufka, Texas — roughly 230 miles away — before running away to Georgia. The girl from Lufka has been charged with criminal conspiracy in the murder plot, police said.

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Their motives remain unclear. Police said information on the case would be limited as the suspects are minors.

Officials said the juvenile suspects have not been identified due to their age and were withholding the identity of the adult victim to protect the children.

You can watch the video below:

I know that each generation has its problems. I get that. But I don’t recall hearing so many stories about little kids committing crimes, as I do now. Back in the day, it was really rare to hear about a little kid doing something horrible. Nowadays, it seems like it’s becoming normal.

Kids are growing up too fast, and they don’t have a good moral foundation in their life. We’re raising lost kids, without God in their lives, and they really have no conception of “right and wrong” and don’t understand how precious life is or how troubling moments pass and life moves on.

The Manhattan Institute actually did a study on this, and it’s really true. Kids are actually growing up too fast.

Marketers call them “tweens”: kids between eight and 12, midway between childhood and adolescence. But tweens are becoming more like teens, leaning more and more toward teen styles, teen attitudes and teen behavior at its most troubling.

“The 12- to 14-year-olds of yesterday are the 10- to 12-‘s of today,” says Bruce Friend, a vice president of the kids’ cable channel Nickelodeon. The Nickelodeon-Yankelovicht Youth Monitor found that by the time they are 12, children describe themselves as “flirtatious, sexy, trendy, athletic, cool.” Among the products targeted at this age group is the Sweet Georgia Brown line from AM Cosmetics. It includes body paints and scented body oils with names like Vanilla Vibe and Follow Me Boy. Soon, thanks to the Cincinnati design firm Libby Peszyk Kattiman, your little darling will be able to slip into some tween-sized bikini panties.

The tweening of childhood is more than just a matter of fashion. Tweens are demonstrating many of the deviant behaviors we usually associate with adolescence. “Ninth and 10th grade used to be the starting point for a lot of what we call risk behaviors,” says Henry Trevor, who heads a middle school in Brooklyn, N.Y. “Fifteen years ago they moved into the eighth grade. Now it’s seventh grade.”

Scary. I would hate to be a parent of a young child these days. God Bless them.

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