17-Year-Old New Jersey High School Athlete Dies Suddenly in His Sleep

17-Year-Old New Jersey High School Athlete Dies Suddenly in His Sleep

Well, we have yet another horror story about a young person suddenly dying. This is an all-too-familiar trend happening all over the world. And many of these sudden deaths are occurring while these young people sleep. And that’s exactly what happened to a 17-year-old high school athlete from New Jersey, who was seeming a healthy kid. His dad went into his room to wake his son up for school and discovered he was dead. Can you imagine?

That poor father. None of this is normal. 

Western Journal reported that a 17-year-old New Jersey football player died suddenly last week and is being mourned by his team, family, and community.

Ali Muhammad was a senior backup center at Rahway High School, in Rahway, which is in central New Jersey, NJ.com reported.

He died in his sleep Thursday at his home. His father, Percy Lamont Brown, found the boy dead when he tried to wake him up for school.

No details have been announced about the funeral service or the cause of death, but his football team honored him on Friday.

Though he was a backup player, Muhammad was remembered and commemorated as a key to the team’s practice.

“He made the team’s first-string defensive linemen better by putting his all into each snap and blocking assignment during practice drills. Ali never once complained about his lack of playing time in varsity games, though may have heard a little carping at times from the starting teammates who were forced to endure the stoic commitment he applied to the task,” NJ.com reported.

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Assistant Coach Mike Kuchar noted that just the day before his death, Muhammad had a good practice.

And if this was not bad enough, Muhammad’s death also comes a year after his own mother’s death in July of 2021.

I truly hope someone out there finally decides to really look into all of these strange and “sudden” deaths. It’s not normal, and parents and family members deserve to know what the heck is going on.

Rest in peace, young man.

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Charlene Greenway
4 months ago

They are still pushing these sh*ts even th*ugh they is reason enough to stop them and do a lot of investigating. Som**hing is wrong here and it needs to be stopped immediately before more damage is done to the American People. Sure glad I didn’t take the sh*ts.

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