[VIDEO] Governor Abbott Just Sent Two Buses Filled With Migrants to Kamala’s House

[VIDEO] Governor Abbott Just Sent Two Buses Filled With Migrants to Kamala’s House

I gotta tell you, I absolutely love that Red State governors are now shipping illegal aliens to “sanctuary cities.” I’d much prefer they shipped them back home, but in the meantime, this works. These liberals love labels and words, but they can never walk the walk. They talk a lot, and say things that make each other feel amazing and all warm and fuzzy, but when the rubber hits the road, nobody in Chicago, DC, or New York wants to deal with the mess of an influx of illegal aliens, do they?


So, it’s great to see them have to put up and shut up and actually live with the policies that they’ve been foisting on others for decades… and trust me, they’re not handling it well. They’re crying and whining, claiming they’re unable to deal with the influx and that Red State governors are “unfair” and “cruel.”

Why is it “cruel” to send the illegals they love to their cities? Shouldn’t they want to host them and teach them all about fun and woke “city life?”

Well, it’s happening, like it or not…

Two buses filled with illegal immigrants were just dropped off right outside Kamala’s house, compliments of Governor Greg Abbott.

You’ll recall that Kamala recently did a sit-down interview (something Joe can’t do) and said the wide-open unsecured border was “secure.”

So, now, she’s got a lot of illegal aliens right on her doorstep to help fortify her statement.

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Ha ha ha ha ha.

You can watch the video below:

Governor DeSantis recently sent a couple of planes filled will illegal aliens to Martha’s Vineyard. Can you imagine?

I hope he does more of that, but I’d like to see him use buses, to save on money. Sure it’d be a long trip, but hey, that’s just too damn bad.

Kamala at the Border : r/memes

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