Secret FBI Files Support Theory That Jeffrey Dahmer Murdered The Son of “America’s Most Wanted” Host, John Walsh

Secret FBI Files Support Theory That Jeffrey Dahmer Murdered The Son of “America’s Most Wanted” Host, John Walsh

There’s been a theory floating around for a while now, about the death of young Adam Walsh, who was the son of “America’s Most Wanted” host John Walsh. This isn’t a new theory, but it’s gotten a big boost as of late from former FBI agents and a “secret FBI file” that supports the theory of Dahmer being the actual murderer who kidnapped Adam from a department store and decapitated him. It definitely fits his later MO, and he was in the area at the time.

But that’s not who’s been officially listed as the murderer.

Investigation Discovery reported that on July 27, 1981, 6-year-old Adam Walsh disappeared and left a mark on the world that continues to this day.

Back then, there was no such thing as an Amber Alert; this was even before pictures of missing children began appearing on milk cartons. Adam Walsh’s tragic and still unsolved disappearance and murder changed all that.

On that long-ago day, Adam’s mom had left him to play in the toy section of a Sears store in Hollywood, Florida, while she shopped. When she came back to get him, he was nowhere to be found. His mother and grandmother searched every inch of the shopping center to no avail, their panic growing by the minute. The police arrived two hours after Adam disappeared, and Adam’s father, John Walsh, worked with them to try to find his son. No sign of the little boy was found for over two weeks, when, on August 10, 1981, fishermen found Adam’s severed head in a Vero Beach canal 120 miles away. The rest of Adam’s remains have never been found.

John and Reve Walsh reportedly had an uneasy relationship with the police during the investigation of their son’s death. According to numerous reports, the Walshes believed that the Hollywood Police Department botched parts of the investigation. The police weren’t exactly denying it, either, as they even apologized to the family after they finally realized that they had sufficient evidence to close the case. They had long suspected that Ottis E. Toole, a drifter who became a convicted serial killer, was the likely murderer.

But that theory is now being tested again…This time, with some more “firepower.”

Once again, Radar Online nails the big exclusive. They reported that cannibal Jeffrey Dahmer murdered the son of America’s Most Wanted host John Walsh, an FBI investigator reveals.

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Retired FBI agent Neil Purtell, who interrogated the twisted murderer in jail, has claimed Florida police bungled the investigation into 6-year-old Adam Walsh’s death. Purtell told that local police were determined to pin Adam’s slaying on another drifter, Ottis Toole. “Police agencies are like the military when they have a mindset,” he said exclusively to this outlet.

Dahmer was linked to the barbaric crime by shoppers who spotted a creep matching the depraved monster’s description stalking Adam at the Hollywood, Florida, mall where he was abducted on July 27, 1981. Dahmer had moved to the area after serving in the military.

Young Adam’s severed head was found floating in a nearby canal two weeks later.
Purtell was one of the first investigators on the scene when Dahmer was busted in Milwaukee on July 22, 1991. His apartment was littered with human heads and other human remains.

“When I arrived on the gruesome scene with a local detective, we both looked at each other and whispered… ‘Adam,'” he told

The secret FBI file supported those findings. “The decapitation and disposal of the torso of Adam Walsh is again the type of behavior that Dahmer continued to exhibit in Milwaukee with his victims,” the document chillingly confirmed.

“Jeffrey Dahmer closely matches the description of the person who abducted this young child.”

After Dahmer was sentenced to life in prison for torturing, killing, and often eating at least 17 young men and boys, Purtell grilled him at Wisconsin’s Columbia state prison.

“He said if he DID admit to it, he would be killed in prison as a pedophile,” Purtell told “My impression was he was admitting he did it.”

Prophetically, another inmate beat Dahmer to death on November 28, 1994. “Justice was finally served,” Purtell stated.

It’s an interesting theory, and I think it holds water. But why on earth wouldn’t the FBI have explored it more and given the Walsh family answers? That’s their son. He should be more than a “secret” FBI file on some shelf… probably too busy working in “politics.”

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