Word Coming Down That Alec Baldwin May Be Charged in Fatal “Rust” Shooting

Word Coming Down That Alec Baldwin May Be Charged in Fatal “Rust” Shooting

Could this be the news that so many of us have been waiting for? That Alec Baldwin, the narcissistic, nasty, violent jerk will actually be held accountable for his negligence? As you know, Alec shot and killed Halyna Hutchins on the set of his low-budget B-Movie “Rust.” Alec was the main producer of the movie, and as a result, he was responsible for what happened on his set. And from what we gather, it was a very unsafe set.

Folks that worked on the set said that there missing safety precautions and many people ignored the ones that were in place. Could that be how a live bullet ended up in the gun that Alec used to shoot his cinematographer? Rumor has it that people on the set were doing “target practice” to pass the time in between takes. Could somebody have left a live round in the gun?

The armorer claims she checked the gun, and the associate director said the gun was cleared for use, but even still, Alec killed the young mother… and what has he been doing in the meantime?

Well, he’s been online having a great time with his wife and giving a lot of interviews, and claiming over and over that he didn’t pull the trigger — something the experts said was untrue.

Baldwin previously told ABC’s Goerge Stephanopoulus “the trigger wasn’t pulled. I didn’t pull the trigger.” Baldwin also said he believed he was handling a “cold gun” — meaning one without any live ammunition.

With the hammer in full cock position, the FBI report stated the gun could not be made to fire without pulling the trigger while the working internal components were intact and functional.

During the testing of the gun by the FBI, authorities said, portions of the gun’s trigger sear and cylinder stop fractured while the hammer was struck. That allowed the hammer to fall and the firing pin to detonate the primer.

“This was the only successful discharge during this testing and it was attributed to the fracture of internal components, not the failure of the firearm or safety mechanisms,” the report stated.

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So, clearly, they claim Alec absolutely pulled the trigger. Alec has said time and time again, that he knows for a fact that he will not be charged in the case.

Well, I’m not so sure that’s true… There’s word going around that Alec actually will be charged…. for what? We don’t know, but that’s the scuttlebutt.

Keep in mind, this isn’t “official”– it’s an exclusive from OK!

OK! Magazine is reporting that Alec Baldwin may be facing charges for his alleged role in the deadly Rust shooting that took the life of cinematographer Halyna Hutchins.

In a letter to the state’s financial board that asked for money to prosecute the high profile case, Santa Fe District Attorney Mary Carmack-Altwies said she was “ready” to file charges against four people. “One of the possible defendants is well known movie actor Alec Baldwin,” she wrote in the note.

Although Carmack-Altwies did not disclose the exact charges she would be looking to bring, she confirmed that she will “certainly be looking at all the homicide statutes and any gun statutes under New Mexico criminal code.”

The D.A. asked for $635,000 in order for her to go up against big wig lawyers Baldwin and others would likely bring in. The state signed off on $317,000 to appoint a special prosecutor.

As OK! previously reported, the 30 Rock actor has continued to hold steady on his position that he did not pull the trigger on the gun that was fired that day.

“Everyone on set knows what happened that day,” Baldwin told Chris Cuomo on his new YouTube show, The Chris Cuomo Project, back in August. “It doesn’t matter what you do — the ones that are out to get you are out to get you.”

If there’s justice in this world, Alec Baldwin will be charged with something.

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