Alec Baldwin Looking Devastated After Learning He Will Likely be Charged in “Rust” Shooting

Alec Baldwin Looking Devastated After Learning He Will Likely be Charged in “Rust” Shooting

Don’t feel sorry for Alec Baldwin. He’s been inching his way closer and closer to this karma for years. It’s just a sickening shame that a mother had to die in the process. But Baldwin has always been a violent, narcissistic man, who treats people like garbage. Everything that’s happening to this privileged liberal elite has been a long time coming. He’s sucked at the Hollywood teat for decades and doesn’t have an ounce of humility, or kindness, and eventually, that nastiness will catch up to you. And this may be the day that it all comes crashing down.

As you likely know by now, it appears as though Alec will indeed be charged for the Rust shooting in some way. The LA Times is indicating the charge could be very serious. Here’s what they said:

The Los Angeles Times is reporting that the district attorney said that her office is considering charges including homicide as well as gun violations, the Santa Fe New Mexican reported.“One of the possible defendants is well-known movie actor Alec Baldwin,” the district attorney wrote in a letter dated Aug. 30 and viewed by The Times. She did not identify other individuals who might be charged.

“If charges are warranted, the [1st Judicial District attorney] anticipates prosecuting up to four individuals. My expenses for the ‘Rust’ [case] will begin immediately and will be costly,” she wrote.

The emergency request for funding could not wait until the next legislative session because “the evidence has just been returned, the state is ready to make charging decisions in the ‘Rust’ case,” she wrote.

Carmack-Altwies requested $635,500 for what she described as potentially four separate jury trials and to hire a special investigator, a media spokesperson and experts.

The state gave the district attorney’s office $317,000 for the appointment of a special prosecutor to oversee the case, according to the state office’s website.

The D.A. appointed Andrea Reeb as a special prosecutor.

Baldwin’s phone, one of the outstanding pieces of evidence in the case, has been handed over to prosecutors, ABC News reported.

Baldwin’s attorney Luke Nikas of Quinn Emanuel warned against assuming his client will be charged.

“The DA has made clear that she has not received the sheriff’s report or made any decisions about who, if anyone, might be charged in this case,” Nikas said. “And during my communications with the DA’s office just a few weeks ago, after the August 30 funding request was submitted, I was told that it would be premature to discuss the case because they had not yet reviewed the file or deliberated about their charging decision.”

Baldwin has repeatedly denied that he pulled the trigger. He’s gone on record several times during interviews claiming he did not pull the trigger and basically tried to wash his hands clean of any responsibility at all for his cinematographer’s death.

And it’s not just the criminal charges that are destroying Baldwin. It’s the civil lawsuits that have the very real potential of bankrupting him. So much so, he’s now selling off property.

The first to go is his prized Hampton vacation estate. The Real Deal reported that Alec Baldwin’s time as a New Yorker appears to be coming to a close as he shops his remaining homes in the state.

The actor listed his Hamptons home in Amagansett for $29 million, the New York Post reported. Baldwin purchased the home at 335 Town Lane in 1996 for $1.7 million.

Serving as the actor’s primary residence during the pandemic, the 10,000-square-foot structure includes four bedrooms and seven bathrooms. The estate itself spans 10 acres, peeking over a preserve.

Inside, the two-story home includes a movie theater, a wine-tasting room, and a wood-paneled library. Outdoors, there’s a 625-square-foot pavilion with a fireplace, a pool and spa, and a fenced vegetable garden. For equestrian-minded buyers, there is enough room to build stables.

It looks like he and his family will now move somewhere more “quiet” according to reports, like Vermont, perhaps. Alec listed his Hampton estate for 29 million and bought a new Vermont fam for 1.7 million, chump change for him. Sounds like he’s tightening his belt. Those lawyers’ fees are really going to add up.

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Alec does not look happy about all of this. As a matter of fact, he looks downright devasted as you can see from this recent photo:

Serves him right. Some people deserve what’s coming to them, and this man is definitely one of those people. I hope he finds Jesus in all of this and gets his heart and soul right with God. It’s the only hope he has left.

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