Amazon Driver Rushes Into Burning Home, Saves Entire Family and Their Two Dogs

Amazon Driver Rushes Into Burning Home, Saves Entire Family and Their Two Dogs

At a time in this country when everything feels like it’s going to hell in a handbasket, and nobody seems to care about their “neighbor” anymore, this story will reignite your soul and your belief in the American spirit. It involves an Amazon driver, who honestly deserves the Presidential Medal of Freedom for what he did if you ask me. This young man is only 22 years old and he’s a hero. He saw something and then acted, and in doing so, he saved an entire family’s life, and their two precious dogs, to boot.

The New York Post reported that an Amazon driver saved a Long Island family from a house fire after he saw they were in danger while delivering packages.

Kevin Rivera, 22, was finishing his Saturday afternoon route on Bluebird Drive in Syosset when he saw a fire raging in one of the houses.

“I just rushed in, because I didn’t want nobody to die in that house,” Rivera told CBS2.

Rivera saw several family members through the front door who were apparently unaware of the flames, he told the Daily Mail, One man came outside and see the fire, but was so shocked he just stood there.

Despite a language barrier, Rivera was able to evacuate the entire family, including a mother, her infant, three other children, and a grandmother.

When the family saw the flames, he said, “They just started crying. They just got emotional.”

Rivera also grabbed the family’s two dogs, a golden retriever, and a smaller breed.

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Rivera’s selfless actions were caught on video by neighbor Amanda Johnson, whose husband is a firefighter with the Syosset Fire Department. She shared the footage on Facebook, where she praised the driver’s intuition.


This kid is a hero. My goodness, we need more people like him in this world.

Jeff Bezos should personally do something very special for Kevin. Honor him, pay off his family’s home, send him to college, and change this man’s life for the better in every way possible.

He deserves it.

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