New FAIR Cost Analysis Says American Taxpayers Are Paying Billions For Illegal Immigrants

New FAIR Cost Analysis Says American Taxpayers Are Paying Billions For Illegal Immigrants

According to a recent cost estimate by the Federation for American Immigration Reform, U.S. taxpayers are spending an additional $20 billion year to fulfill the demands of illegal aliens who entered the nation under the Biden administration (FAIR).

The immigration organization said that it “conservatively calculates” that each illegal alien will end up costing American taxpayers $9,232, for a total annual cost of $20.4 billion, to feed the population. It comes on top of the $140 billion yearly expense that is now incurred to provide services and benefits to long-term illegal immigrants.

The number is based on an estimated 2.3 million illegal aliens who successfully crossed into the interior of the nation under President Joe Biden, including around one million “gotaways” who managed to elude capture and have since vanished into American neighborhoods.

The additional $20.4 billion the Biden Border Crisis has dumped onto the shoulders of American taxpayers is still startling, FAIR President Dan Stein stated in a news release on September 13. “Even in an age where trillion dollar expenditure packages are considered small,” Stein added.

Biden has presided over the biggest number of illegal immigrant arrests at the U.S.-Mexico border in a calendar year in history after reversing major Trump-era regulations intended to discourage entrance across the southern border.

Stein stated, “Instead of paying for the costs of the spike in illegal immigration brought on by this administration’s actions, $20.4 billion might address some very significant needs of the American public.”

More than one-third of families with year-round full-time employees do not earn enough to support a basic family budget that covers food, housing, child care, medical care, transportation, taxes, and other requirements, according to a recent report quoted by the speaker.

President Biden promised to support these folks. The president said, “Instead, he is choosing to divert an extra $20.4 billion away from their necessities in order to finance a radical open borders policy with no end in sight.

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The organization explained that the projected $20.4 billion could provide every homeless American veteran $50,000 per year for ten years or give every American household making $50,000 or less a food voucher worth nearly $410. According to the estimate, the funds might potentially be utilized to recruit 330,000 more teachers or more than 315,000 police officers.

In the meantime, the Biden administration has bragged about increasing funding for the Department of Homeland Security in Fiscal Year 2023 and implementing what it called a “Root Causes Strategy” to reduce border encounters by addressing the violence, organized crime, corruption, and poverty in Central America that force many people to flee.

In a Sunday interview, Vice President Kamala Harris asserted that the southern border of the United States is “safe.”

“The border is safe, but our immigration system has to be changed, especially during the previous four years before we got in.” Harris stated on “Meet the Press” on NBC.

According to FAIR, 4.9 million illegal immigrants have entered the country overall in the past 15 months since Biden assumed office, which is almost equal to the entire population of Ireland.

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