We Now Know Identify of Beheaded Cali Woman and The Man Who Allegedly Murdered Her

We Now Know Identify of Beheaded Cali Woman and The Man Who Allegedly Murdered Her

The country was shocked by the beheading murder that took place in the streets of San Carlos in Northern California. She was a 27-year-old mother of two, and a DoorDash driver. And she was involved with a very violent and reportedly mentally disturbed man, who was the father of one of her kids. That is the person who allegedly cut her head off with a sword. According to reports, witnesses saw the sword attack unfolding outside, and called authorities.

Right after the beheading, the boyfriend took off on foot and ran about two blocks before he was caught and arrested.

The New York Post a 27-year-old mother of two has been identified as the victim beheaded on a street in Northern California last week.

Karina Castro, who worked as a Door Dash driver, left behind 7-year-old and 1-year-old girls, KGO-TV reported.

Her youngest daughter was fathered by the man who’s been arrested for her murder, 33-year-old Jose Raphael Solano Landaeta, who goes by the name Rafa Solano.

Her father, Marty Castro, told the outlet, “Every time I saw her, I would beg her. Don’t talk to him. Leave him and it seemed like the more I did that, the more she would see him.”

Solano had been violent with Castro before, and she got a restraining order against him in April, but continued to see him, Castro’s family said.

Deputies from the San Mateo County Sheriff’s Office found Karina’s body Thursday in San Carlos, south of San Francisco, after being flagged down by a witness, law enforcement sources told KNTV.

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Her head had been cut off with a sword, the local outlet reported.

Solano was taken into custody after he returned to the scene.


Karina’s grandmother, Danielle Gannon, told KGO that Landaeta was “a diagnosed schizophrenic on meds.” And Karina’s father said he always got a “bad vibe” from Landaeta.

Very sad, what a horrific and brutal murder.

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