[VIDEO] While Americans Struggle, WH Paid Millions For Elton John Sing to “Rocket Man” to Biden Before Bedtime

[VIDEO] While Americans Struggle, WH Paid Millions For Elton John Sing to “Rocket Man” to Biden Before Bedtime

Americans are struggling right now. Grocery bills are through the roof. I know in my area, there are still so many products that I can’t find. Baby formula is still hard to come by for many parents, and when they can get it, it’s costing nearly 60 bucks for a week’s worth. Biden wants to celebrate gas prices coming down, but they’re still so much higher than when President Trump was in office, and Joe is depleting our strategic reserves before midterms, strictly for political purposes. He’s such a selfish, arrogant bastard.

People’s utilities are sky high, rent has gone up so much, and people are losing their homes. And speaking of homes, I hope you don’t want to buy one right now. Sure the prices have come down, but interest rates are literally in orbit right now and they were just raised again, with the promise of more hikes soon. So, now, everyone who was hoping to buy a house will have to stay put and pay insane rent.

The cost of everything is up, wages are sinking, and layoffs are coming. This is called a “recession” and we’re in it, and likely have been for a while. But the “experts” claim it’s not here YET… it’ll probably hit just after midterms… these people are so shameless.

Here’s what Forbes said: For much of this year, the Fed has held steadfast to its goal of a “soft landing” for inflation, the idea of vanquishing inflation without a dramatic economic downturn.

But despite several interest rate hikes, inflation is still running hot, and business leaders are saying that it’s not a matter of if a recession will happen, but when.

On Wednesday, after another rate hike, and a promise from Fed chairman Jerome Powell to stay the course until inflation comes down, Bridgewater founder Ray Dalio said that the Federal Reserve will probably keep tightening its monetary policy until high prices come down, no matter the consequences. As a result, a recession is likely within the next year.

I think the man made a great point: Your retirement is down 25%, inflation is eye-watering, you can’t buy or sell a house now, and your bank account is a vapid wasteland, but here’s the White House spending millions of dollars to have Elton John sing Rocketman for Biden before bedtime.”

The big shindig, with the lights, stage, and headliner music was a big celebration for Biden, who is “celebrating” God knows what, but also to bestow a humanitarian award to Elton John.

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CNN reported that Joe Biden on Friday presented Sir Elton John with the National Humanities Medal, surprising the music icon following a performance on the South Lawn of the White House.

“I’m never flabbergasted, but I’m flabbergasted,” a visibly moved John said, thanking the President and saying that he will “treasure” the honor.

The medal, according to the Friday presentation, was to honor John “for moving our souls with his powerful voice and one of the defining song books of all time. An enduring icon and advocate with absolute courage, who found purpose to challenge convention, shatter stigma and advance the simple truth – that everyone deserves to be treated with dignity and respect.”

Look, I like Elton John as much as the next guy, maybe more. I’ve seen him in concert twice. He’s amazing. One of my favorites. But maybe not isn’t the time to throw lavish parties and celebrate politicians and millionaires?

Maybe spending millions to sing Biden a nighty-night lullaby wasn’t the best idea right now…


Here’s what people online are saying:

“The Palace at Versailles is having another party, I see.”

“Freakin’ Hunger Games level of dystopia”

“Sings Rocketman and everyone there immediately thinks of North Korea and President Trump….the song choice cracks me up.”

“Slight correction. It was well past Biden’s bedtime.”

“Let the peasants go broke.”

“Bread & circuses for the prols.”

“You know, the Coolidges used to save the extra food from state dinners and eat leftovers in the residence until it was all gone, because they didn’t think it was appropriate to waste taxpayer money. This should be the way.”

“Elton john sang a song about the leader of north korea?”

I have never seen a group of people have such a poor understanding of optics, as this buffoonish White House.

It’s actually quite shocking. You’d think someone in that nightmare of an administration would be like, “Hey, guy, maybe we shouldn’t do this. It might look bad?”

I dunno, maybe they do say that, but they’re outranked. Either way, what a slap in the face to hard-working, struggling Americans. It’s disgusting.

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