[VIDEO] Never Forget What Joe Biden Said to Hurricane Victims Last Year

[VIDEO] Never Forget What Joe Biden Said to Hurricane Victims Last Year

It’s no wonder the American people have had it with Joe Biden. The stuff that comes out of this ding-a-lings mouth is off the charts stupid. Sadly, this has become all too normal, and we’re forced to deal with one blunder, misstep, and offensive remark day after day. That’s why it’s great when this buffoon is on vacation, we don’t have to hear from him, and we can all get a much-deserved break from the chaotic stress that is “Joe Biden.”

Well, we have another doozy to share, although this one is a “flashback,” but since it had to do with a hurricane, I thought it was very fitting.

But before that, let’s focus on the current hurricane at hand…

There’s been a lot of talk about the very powerful Hurricane Ian, that is ready to crash onto the Florida coast, likely near Tampa.

Here’s what’s going on right now wih Hurricane Ian according to Weather.com: H​urricane Ian is nearing southwest Florida as one of its most intense hurricanes on record, expected to produce catastrophic storm surge, destructive winds and flooding rainfall. I​an is a Category 4 hurricane packing maximum sustained winds of 155 mph as of 9:00 a.m. EDT Wednesday morning.

Bands of heavy rain containing strong wind gusts are lashing parts of the Florida Peninsula and the Florida Keys right now. Winds have recently gusted up to 62 mph on in Naples and 54 mph at Punta Gorda.

Winds have gusted from 40 to 80 mph in Key West since Tuesday, where Ian also produced the third highest storm surge in over 100 years.

A​ tornado watch is in effect for central and southern Florida until 5 p.m. EDT.

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Hurricane warnings (shaded in purple in the map below) are in effect for parts of Florida’s West Coast and some degree inland, including Tampa-St. Petersburg, Fort Myers and Orlando. This means hurricane conditions are expected.

A storm surge warning is also in effect along much of Florida’s west coast, from the mouth of the Suwanee River to the Lower Keys, including Tampa Bay, and also on the Atlantic side of northeast Florida from the Flagler-Volusia County line to the Georgia state line including the St. Johns River. This means life-threatening flooding from rising water moving inland from the coastline is expected.

A storm surge watch extends northward along the Georgia and South Carolina coasts on the Atlantic side.

Tropical storm warnings and watches extend from the Florida Keys northward to the Florida Big Bend and northeastern Florida. They also stretch northeast along and near the coasts of Georgia and South Carolina, as you can see in the map below.

Very serious stuff and everyone needs to be prepared and hopefully evacuate themselves and their family and pets, to stay as safe as possible.

When tragedies like this hit, you want to focus on what will help people, like safety instructions, how to board up your home and what to do to get to higher ground — that sort of thing.

But that’s not what Joe Biden was focused on last year when talking about the dangers of hurricanes.

Nope, Joe, the snake oil salesman was telling potential hurricane victims to hurry up and. get their COVID vaccine.

Can you believe this guy? 

You can watch the video below:

Oh, lordy.

Here’s what people are saying online:

“There’s a vaccine against hurricanes? What will they think of next?”

“Wait, there’s still a hurricane coming after that climate control bill???”

“If I hang a mask on my front door will the hurricane just pass over me?”

“Ask every vaccinated person in Florida right now if the vaccine provides comfort to them..”

“Oh God, there’s 100 mph winds. There could be floods, trees could get blown down and break down houses, and broken debris can come crashing through the window. Good thing I’m vaxxed, my house is fully protected.”

“He is the best blooper reel of all times”

“LeT mE bE ClEaR!”

“When I heard Hurricane Ian was headed my way, I rushed to my local pharmacy and got all the vaxxes and boosters at once. I feel superior to everyone around me now, but parts of me are starting to fall off.

It’s odd. When Barack Obama splashed on the scene we were told he’d “calm” the rising seas, like Moses or something. Yet, were told that sea levels are still rising. Yet Obama and most other Climate Changers are buying mansions on the coasts. Which seems odd, right?

Won’t they be swallowed up by the ocean?

And also, just recently, we were told by Karine Jean-Pierre that Joe Biden’s big money bill focusing on “climate change” not inflation reduction, will help hurricanes. That’s right, I guess if you throw hard-earned taxpayer dollars at a hurricane, it slows it down, or something?


Who knew, right?

Here you go, Joe:


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