[VIDEO] Biden Appears to Panic and Call People On Stage When He’s Unable to Find His Way Off

[VIDEO] Biden Appears to Panic and Call People On Stage When He’s Unable to Find His Way Off

Whatever they were giving Biden that made his dementia seem somewhat better for a short spell, has completely worn off, and now he seems worse than ever. Joe has always had an issue finding his way off a 6-foot stage, but today’s situation was one of the worst yet. Not only did he get totally confused and have no clue where he was supposed to go, but after signing off, saying his goodbyes, and getting all turned around, he then shuffles back to the mic and calls up Caroline Kennedy to come on stage, and some other person appears at the left of the screen, looking very concerned for Joe.

During this moment, when the stage is now packed with “helpers,” Biden looks like he’s trying to get his barrings on where he’s supposed to go, and once he appears to know what to do, he shuffles off like a weak, confused and frail shell of a man.

This confused nightmare happened in Boston on the 60th anniversary of President John F. Kennedy’s famous moonshot speech. Biden outlined a new “American Moonshot” aimed at eradicating cancer “as we know it.”

Sure, the guy who couldn’t put a dent in COVID and made a huge mess of things and who can’t find his way off a 6-foot stage is going to cure cancer.

Yeah, don’t hold your breath, guys.

You can watch the video below:

Here’s what people online are saying:

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“This was in Boston yesterday. Local station cut away when #Biden started wandering around.”

“Okay, what the hell is going on here? We’ve long crossed the line from elder abuse to abusing the country at this point.”

“The drugs they are feeding him can only do so much. #FJB #FJoeBiden”

“What an embarrassment”

“Why do I get the feeling his handlers have stopped helping him on purpose?”

“Good lord if he were a German Shepherd Jill would have had him put down already”

“81 million votes? “

“This demented, senile jester has the nuclear codes. Are you dumb ass DemTards even concerned that this brain- dead imbecile has the nuclear codes. Are you? God almighty, you democrats are a stupid breed. You’re going to get us all wasted. He’s a moron. I shit you not.”

The meds can only do so much…

The best america lost memes :) Memedroid

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