[VIDEO] Biden Screams, Yells, Shakes Clenched Fist Furiously During “Inflation Celebration” at WH

[VIDEO] Biden Screams, Yells, Shakes Clenched Fist Furiously During “Inflation Celebration” at WH

Biden had an “Inflation Celebration” at the White House after getting a horrific report that shows costs are skyrocketing again. Joe is using “fuzzy math” to try to eek a “victory” out of the terrible report and ran with it and host a celebration, where he even dragged James Taylor over to sing. I mean, you can’t make this stuff up. It’s like living in some bizarro clown world. The report was so bad, that the DOW crashed 1000 points and interest rates were raised to 6.28%… This is nothing to “celebrate” so nobody really understands what Joe is doing. It’s possibly the stupidest thing he and his team have done since the Afghanistan withdrawal.

And while the event is completely bizarre and off the wall, it got even weirder when Joe started screaming and yelling and shaking his fist. He was screaming “THINK ABOUT WHAT YOU’D THINK ABOUT” and he had his fist furiously clenched and shaking toward the heavens.

It’s one of the weirdest things you’ll see. A definite “dementia” moment was caught on live TV.

Joe can no longer contain his emotions. This has been unraveling for a while, but it’s getting a helluva lot worse really fast.

You can watch the video below:

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This guy is skidding out of control.

Here’s what people online are saying:

“Strong “Get off my lawn” vibes from Biden today.”

“Why does he scream like this?”

“This is our “president.” God help us”

“Dementia is getting really bad” 

“He is not well”

“The Mad King Biden” 

“I wish those that voted for him had done some thinking about what they were thinking about….”

“Why is he always yelling at us? What did we do wrong?”

“I’m thinking about how the hell we got to this dimension of incompetent hell…”

“Yelling is a horrible look he thinks he’s tough sounding but it’s flat out annoying”

“Angry man is angry again”

“Yelling Dementia patient”

“He’s “celebrating” with anger”

“There is literally nothing in that head of his.”

Joe Biden is getting worse, and it seems like his Handlers aren’t exactly rushing to help him.

Maybe this is part of their plan to get rid of him after the midterms?


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