[VIDEO] His Shirt Was a Big Hit On The Plane LOL

[VIDEO] His Shirt Was a Big Hit On The Plane LOL

Author and America First patriot David Harris wore an amazing shirt on an airplane recently, and he got some really positive feedback. It was an anti-Biden black t-shirt, and it said: “Bidenflation: The rising cost of voting stupid” Brilliant right? Surprisingly, he got some thumbs up, and I say “surprisingly” because I was told that Joe Biden got 81 million legal votes, so you’d think the plane would have been filled with passionate Biden supporters who were ready to defend his honor, right?

Apparently not.

Once again, we’re left wondering where all the Biden supporters are. But don’t worry, they come out of the woodwork on election day. They’re like groundhogs, that way.

I gotta tell you, I love this shirt, but I am really shocked the airplane staff didn’t make him take it off, or call the cops on him and have him escorted off the flight for being a “terrorist” or a “threat to the very soul of the nation.” I mean, that’s the absurd country we’re currently living in… oh, and speaking of living in a gigantic daycare…

I can’t believe Twitter marked David’s video as “sensitive content.” We’re literally living in a full-blown clown world.

You can watch the video below:

I know this gets annoying, but I just have to say it. Do you think if someone wore a shirt that insulted Trump or his voters that Twitter would slap a “sensitive content” warning on it?
Of course, they wouldn’t. And I know I am pointing out the obvious here, but it’s just such a blatant and disgusting “game” these vultures are playing, isn’t it?

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But I am glad we’ve got brave patriots like David, willing to get the message out there… and he needs to tell us where got that shirt!

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