Carlson Lays Damaging Claim At Biden’s Feet; Biden Was More Likely Culprit Blowing Up Pipeline

Carlson Lays Damaging Claim At Biden’s Feet; Biden Was More Likely Culprit Blowing Up Pipeline

Mr. Joe Biden could be to blame for the alleged acts of sabotage against the Nord Stream pipeline, according to Tucker Carlson.

Officials from Europe stated that they thought the two explosions along the pipeline carrying Russian natural gas to those nations were deliberate attacks. According to one assessment, the Monday explosions “did not have an immediate impact” on the continent’s energy resources.

The explosions resulted in leaks in the three Nord Stream pipelines that link Germany and Russia, including Nord Stream 2, a project that Germany halted when Russia invaded Ukraine in November. The suspected sabotage was attributed by some of the authorities to Moscow.

Tuesday night, during his monologue, Carlson rejected the theory that the explosions were the work of Russian President Vladimir Putin. Biden is a more probable offender, he claimed.

Carlson remarked that it would take a suicidal fool to blow up one’s own energy pipeline if one were Vladimir Putin. One thing you would never do is that. Your major source of money, power, and, most importantly, influence over other nations comes from natural gas pipelines. Europe needs your energy more than ever right now as winter draws closer. Germany and other nations have no reason to care about what you want if you can’t provide that energy.

It’s true that blowing up Nord Stream won’t benefit Vladimir Putin, he continued. He wouldn’t act in that way. How could he? However, it doesn’t follow that other nations wouldn’t think about doing it. They’d give it some thought.

Then Carlson played comments Biden made in February, suggesting that they may suggest he was responsible.

There won’t be a Nord Stream 2 if Russia invades, which would include tanks or troops once more crossing the Ukrainian border, according to Biden at the time. “We’ll put a stop to it.”

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Biden said, “I guarantee you, we will be able to accomplish it,” in response to a reporter who pointed out that the project is under German authority.

Carlson commented, “Notice how he framed that. “I will suspend the transfer of gas from Russia to Germany,” he didn’t say. He declared that a Nord Stream 2 is not planned. We’ll remove it. It will be ended by us. We’ll detonate it.

The presenter then cited comments made in January by Victoria Nuland, a representative of the State Department.

“Nord Stream 2 will not proceed in any manner if Russia invades Ukraine,” she said.

Carlson said, “We’ll stop Nord Stream, one way or another. “Now that I’m thinking back on it, eight months later, those remarks sound frightening.”

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