Carlson Dismisses GOP Commitment Package: “There’s Nothing Real In it”

Carlson Dismisses GOP Commitment Package: “There’s Nothing Real In it”

The presenter of Fox News Tucker Carlson is criticizing a list of suggested policy and communications goals for the upcoming Congress released by House GOP lawmakers including Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.).

“It’s okay. There is probably not much in it that you object to. Do you know what it is? No. Most likely, you haven’t. Most likely, you haven’t read it. Nobody seems to care. Why? As Carlson stated on his prime time program on Monday night: “There’s nothing real about it.

The “Commitment to America” that McCarthy and the House GOP unveiled last week vows to “curb excessive government spending,” criticizes the IRS, and initiate a number of investigations against Vice President Biden and his family.

The collection of ideas also touches on a variety of cultural problems, such as abortion, transgender student policy in schools, and the creation of what the House GOP is referring to as a “Parents’ Bill of Rights.”

The plans, according to Carlson, don’t go far enough in addressing “the attacks on the American family that you witness every day.”

The presenter stated, “That’s at the heart of most people’s worries. What about my kids? Will they lead a life similar to mine? It was referred to as the American dream. Is it still around? Will they be able to maintain their current way of life? Will they be given the same opportunity we did? No. People are outraged about it, and it makes sense why. However, nobody says it.

Every weekday, millions of people tune in to see Carlson, who is regarded as one of the most important figures in the Republican Party and the American conservative movement. Top politicians, activists, and political candidates frequently utilize appearances on his program to boost their profiles and win over his Fox audience.

The presenter has previously blasted McCarthy and other prominent Republican party figures.

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After McCarthy made comments regarding Big Tech in April, Carlson claimed that the House GOP leader sounded “like an MSNBC contributor in private.” He criticized McCarthy for having an excessively close connection with veteran GOP pollster Frank Luntz last year.

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