[VIDEO] Royal Expert Says King Charles Let The “Mask Slip” And The Monarchy Could Be In Big Trouble 

[VIDEO] Royal Expert Says King Charles Let The “Mask Slip” And The Monarchy Could Be In Big Trouble 

I saw this really interesting clip on TikTok. It’s from a Royal expert by the name of Michael Walker and what he had to say about King Charles was very interesting. He talked about how Charles had a moment where he let the mask slip off and he showed his true, elitist, spoiled rotten self. Michael says every Royal is basically a privileged snob, but they “learn” how to be humble and hide how spoiled they are from the public. They pretend to serve and “give back” when in public, in this elaborate show, so people don’t come to loathe them.

And as Michael points out, Charles has been a Royal for over 70 years now, so nobody should have a better grasp on how the game is played than him, right? So, why did he let the mask slip so quickly, when he was simply signing some documents right after the Queen died? What does that moment say about spoiled and pampered Charles? But more, what does it mean for the Monarchy?

Well, if you ask Micheal, it could mean a lot of big trouble ahead… basically, the school of thought is that Charles will be known as the “spoiled king.” The belief is that he’s been too deeply emersed in his very privileged existence to change now. In other words, he will lack the grace and humility that his mother had, because he’s a spoiled rotten brat, and things will probably get rather ugly for the Royals.

You can watch the video below:

@novaramedia Michael Walker on King Charles’ mask slip moment. #kingcharles #royals #royalfamily #monarchy ♬ original sound – Novara Media

The thing to remember about Charles is that he’s always been known as a bungler. He’s kind of the “Joe Biden” of Kings. Maybe he has more wits about him than Dementia Joe, but Charles has always been known for putting his foot in his mouth and saying and doing the wrong thing. Always.

Who can forget a couple of years back, when he suggested that people who were laid off due to COVID, should take odd jobs picking fruit in the fields?

I mean, can you imagine? What an idiot. Also, don’t forget this guy is very “woke” as well. He’s a climate nut.

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But “gaffe wise” this guy could give Joe a run for his money. And now that he will be front and center, with all eyes on him, things could get really dicey for the monarchy and have people begging for King William to take the throne.


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