[VIDEO] Locals Say China is Painting Crumbling Mountains Green And Adding Fake Foliage to Look More “Earth Friendly”

[VIDEO] Locals Say China is Painting Crumbling Mountains Green And Adding Fake Foliage to Look More “Earth Friendly”

Have you ever seen a photo of the mountains of China, and they look so lush and green? It’s like something out of a fairytale, so rich and dense, and filled with life, right? No. Wrong. It’s an illusion; at least some of it is… Not everything you see in China is what you think it is. Even the trees with all their bushy leaves can be totally fake. Imagine if the mountains in this picture were painted green and covered in “fake” ground cover…

Guangxi Autonomous Region Mountains

Well, it’s happening. China is the great fakers of the world. Seriously, think about it, they’re known for stealing intellectual property and ideas, and they have this massive market making fake designer purses, and other accessories and attire. They pump out cheap plastic junk, and now we’re learning they also paint their mountains green and add fake foliage so they can appease climate nuts and look more “earth friendly.”

That’s what a very popular South African Youtuber named Winston Frederick Sterzel said. And he has the receipts to back up his claims.

This video is wild.


In all fairness, I’ve heard some Americans are painting their grass green to avoid having to use so much water. But I think that’s different from what we’re talking about here.

Foreign Policy reported that workers in southwestern China have been spray-painting Laoshou mountain. On the government’s orders, the entire mountainside, which is barren, is to be painted green. Both the workers and villagers in the surrounding Fumin Country remain confused about the motives behind the decision, speculating it could be to improve the feng shui of the mountain, or part of an effort to “green” the area in the wake of environmental damage.

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Xinhua, China’s official news agency, estimates the cost of the paint project at around 470,000 yuan ($60,600). Villagers argued that a far greater area of the mountain could have been restored if that money had been used for actual plants and trees. So what was the official reason? “This is an order from above. You should ask the leader from above. I don’t have any information on this,” was the response from a worker at the Fumin County forestry department.

You can’t even trust what you see with your own eyes these days. Scary. The good news is, that the truth always gets out, eventually.

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