The Number One Reason CNN Can’t “Rebrand” Itself is Because of This Guy and His BIG Mouth

The Number One Reason CNN Can’t “Rebrand” Itself is Because of This Guy and His BIG Mouth

CNN says they want to make all these changes, get back to “fair” news and lose their anti-Trump/fake news status. Yeah, that’s a great talk, but there’s nothing in their walk. Their actions do not match up to this so-called “revamping” claim. They fired Brian Stelter, but that’s mainly because they found out he was leaking to the media. They still have Don Lemon. All they did was demote him to the lowly morning show. That loon Acosta is still there, along with Jake Tapper and Chris Wallace, the Stage 5 TDS loon is still stinking up the airwaves. And I really don’t know how they expect to make these sweeping changes with all these Trump-hating lunatics still hanging around.

And speaking of lunatics, Chris Wallace is back at it. This guy has the audacity to claim Trump’s rally speech in Ohio was “dark and weird” after that Hitler speech we saw Biden give, while bathed in a blood-red glow.

Let’s see, Trump was just raided by the FBI and he has every leftist tyrant coming after him. Excuse him if he’s not feeling like dancing a jig, Chris. But maybe we should focus on the buffoon in chief, whose “dark” rhetoric is actually getting teenagers murdered?

Breitbart reported that CNN anchor Chris Wallace said on this week’s edition of “The Axe Files” that Donald Trump’s “weird” rally last weekend in Ohio shows the former president is “going in a darker and more extreme direction.”

Partial transcript as follows:

DAVID AXELROD: What worries me is that the more he’s held accountable for acts of corruption, the more he is insists on the, that the system is corrupt. And that becomes more and more central to what he is saying. And he’s been heading in this direction for a long time. But how do you assess him right now? What do you think is going through his mind?

WALLACE: You know, I think. Let me make it clear to social media, I’m not comparing Trump to Putin, but there are some similarities here, which, as a person gets under more and more pressure, there are a variety of ways of reacting.

You know, the old saying, when you’re in a hole, stop digging. Putin isn’t doing that. And, you know, one could argue that Trump–not comparing them to Putin. But in a kind of tactical or strategic sense, is not doing that. You know, you had that weird thing over the weekend where he started talking about the country in very dystopian terms, and they started playing this music and people were putting up one finger and it seemed, not that I’m in any kind of an expert on this, kind of heading in the QAnon direction.

And what one wonders is, and he is under tremendous pressure, you know, in terms of the January 6th investigations, in terms of the documents and in terms of what he conceivably or may have done down in Atlanta with the DA there, now you’ve got Letitia James, the attorney general of New York, on whether he committed fraud by inflating the value fraudulently of his businesses. You know, he seems to be going in a darker and more extreme direction in terms of American politics. And, you know, that would be interesting, but not particularly important, except for the fact that there are millions of people who seem to be willing to follow him in those directions.


WALLACE: And that gets very alarming, because now we’re talking about the future of American democracy.

The nerve of this guy is amazing. He’s an absolute jackass, and his bias is so apparent, and CNN will not gain any viewers back, keeping all this Trump hate on the air.

I looked for Chris’s comments on Biden’s “Demonic Hellscape” speech and I couldn’t find anything with a simple Google search, so that tells me, he either said nothing, or whatever he said was not very compelling or harsh. But he’s over here slamming Trump as being “dark.” I’ll tell you what, this guy really carries a lot of water for the Dems. We all remember how he behaved during the first 2020 debate between President Trump and Biden. Chris said he was professional, and Trump said he was helping Biden. As usual, Trump was right.

We’ve all had our fill of this Trump hate at CNN. It’s been going on for the past 6 years. Enough is enough.

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