CNN Disrepects Prince And Princess of Wales, Calling Them “The Other Royals” While Swooning Over Harry And Meghan

CNN Disrepects Prince And Princess of Wales, Calling Them “The Other Royals” While Swooning Over Harry And Meghan

As the late Queen Elizabeth II’s grandchildren paid their respects, the media’s fixation with leftist celebrities was on sickening show, prompting one CNN journalist to refer to the heirs to the throne as “the other two royals.”

Her Majesty’s supporters assembled outside Windsor Castle to pay their respects, where they were welcomed by the newly crowned King Charles III and his sons and daughters-in-law. The way CNN’s foreign correspondent Scott McLean mentioned the two couples revealed just how sensational the organization wanted to come across.

The newly-designated Prince and Princess of Wales, William and Kate, made their first public appearance with the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, Harry and actress wife Meghan Markle, on Saturday after leaving the United Kingdom and monarchy behind to live in California. That didn’t stop McLean from giving the contentious couple priority over William, his father’s successor as they went on a walkabout.

NOTE: The reason why Harry and Meghan exited first is because William was driving the couples.

He referred to the probable future King and Queen as just “the other two royals,” saying that “you can see Harry go out first, and then you saw Meghan and then the other two royals as well.”

McLean and his network received a sharp reprimand for, at the very least, not planning to cover the events well enough to know William and Kate’s names in case the adoring journalist had forgotten them and, at the worst, for displaying an utter lack of respect.

The Beloved And The WannaBe Loved

He’s talking about our New Prince and Princess of Wales, who are NOT THE OTHER TWO, how disrespectful is that? It should be Prince William and Princess Catherine as well as Harry and Meghan, who made the decision to leave the British Royal Family and go to the United States, one social media user commented.

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The new king, unlike McLean, appeared to be speaking to his children according to procedure. In addition, according to the Daily Mail, he may have been solely responsible for Harry and Meghan’s participation in the meet and greet that took place outside Windsor Castle.

The Prince of Wales encouraged the Duke and Duchess of Sussex to join him and the Princess of Wales earlier, according to a source within Kensington Palace, adding “The Prince of Wales believed it was a vital display of unity for the Queen at a very trying time for the family.”

Only after William had finished speaking over the phone with King Charles III, who reportedly gave his sons an order to get along, was that choice made.

The Waleses had always been slated to welcome well-wishers at Windsor Castle, but royal insiders claim the decision to invite the Sussexes was decided at the last minute, according to a tweet by journalist and friend of Harry and Meghan Omid Scobie. It is without a doubt a pivotal point in the development of the brothers’ friendship.

Regardless of the circumstances, the two spouses were friendly and pleasant to the public as they participated in paying respects to the late Queen Elizabeth II.

As usual, CNN’s attempts are abhorrent and have no place in the support of English Royalty and its strong ties to us by the rest of the USA. I apologize to our friends in the British people and deplore their stupidity. Every CNN employee needs to take a course on British-American history. They most urgently require a decent lesson on American history.

CNN is still going downhill in the direction of bankruptcy and eventual shutdown. As long as Jimmy Joe Acosta and Donnie Lemmon are still on the air, CNN will always be irrelevant in today’s world and have no credibility with the majority of regular Americans. Only ardent democratic socialist watch and enjoy CNN, applauding the hollowness of idiotic thinking and reporting. All of their broadcasting licenses should be cancelled due to the misinformation they have created.

Scott McLean should receive his discharge papers as soon as possible from his position as a CNN talking head if Chris Licht is to have any hope of preventing the network from going bankrupt entirely. McLean undoubtedly tops the list of the most STUPID things spoken on the radio!

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Charlene Greenway
4 months ago

I’ve noticed that Meghan always has some part of her person attached to Harry, in some form or another as if she’s afraid he’s going to escape her.

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