[VIDEO] Lady Cop On Power Trip Posts Unprofessional TikTok, Now Many Want Her Fired… Do You Agree? 

[VIDEO] Lady Cop On Power Trip Posts Unprofessional TikTok, Now Many Want Her Fired… Do You Agree? 

I will never understand what comes over people to say some of the dumbest stuff online that lands them in deep trouble. It’s so easy to avoid these sloppy online messes. Just don’t open your big bazoo. Stay quiet. Just because you think something or have a strong opinion on something, doesn’t mean you need to risk everything and blabber on about it. The internet is forever, and people will come after you. It’s best to just put the phone down and go about your day. But sadly, so many of you can’t do that.

I guess in some cases, it’s good when people can’t control themselves, because they say the “quiet stuff” out loud. And I think that’s the case with this female cop who’s on a huge power trip.

This lady police officer is from Seattle. Her name is Officer Breanna Straus, and she just joined the department last year, and she’s already acting like an idiot.

She thought it’d be a good idea to get on TikTok and threaten drivers who don’t “get out of her way,” and brag about all the so-called power she has, that you don’t.

This unbelievable “tough girl”  video she posted last month earned her a measly 10-hour suspension, but many people feel she deserved a lot more punishment than that.

What do you think?

You can watch the video below:

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Why on earth would you think it was okay to post that cringe-worthy nonsense? She seems way too immature to be holding that position.

She definitely deserved more than a 10-hour suspension, in my opinion.

Here’s what people online are saying:

“The worst line, “if we are behind you long enough we can find a reason to pull you over”, implies they lie to pull you over or are vindictive. Either way, not the message LE should be giving.”

“That young lady needs a vacation nice long fishing trip to calm down and act like a professional”

“If you need me to get out of your way, turn on your lights and siren. Otherwise, obey the same laws I do. Super simple.”

“Gotta be the cringiest thing I’ve seen in awhile, get her off the roads good lord”

“Wow, this lady thinks she’s got superhuman power or something”

“I noticed she didn’t have the balls to unblock her badge.”

“She has to abide by the same laws that every other person on the road has to unless there is an emergency. If you are “looking for a reason” to pull me over, that’s called targeting and profiling. Good luck officer entitlement”

“She needs a desk job. This woman is not fit to be on the roads interacting with other drivers”

“From now on every defense attorney in court with this lady. “Officer did you observe my clients commit a traffic offense or did you follow my client long enough and “find something” to pull him over for. Do you recall making a video bragging about “finding things””

“This video embodies the divide and disconnect with policing. I do not dislike police. I dislike bad policing.”

“In a society where everyone feels like the elites and people with power are trampling on the little guy, this message will not go over well”

“When some people are given power it changes them like wearing a mask or being invisible. Their true selves emerge & it’s not pretty.”

“She needs to lose her badge for being stupid enough to make that video. She’s unfit”

As we sit here dealing with Biden’s rogue FBI and DOJ abusing their power so flagrantly, I don’t think this type of message will land well with many people. There’s a very “us vs them” feeling going on in America right now. It feels like it’s the elites vs the peasants and this woman’s message just plays into that.

Being a cop isn’t easy, but this type of attitude won’t make things any better.

People like her need retraining.

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