[VIDEO] Black Man Calls Into CSPAN And Drops So Much Epic Truth About Dems, The Host Looks Pissed 

[VIDEO] Black Man Calls Into CSPAN And Drops So Much Epic Truth About Dems, The Host Looks Pissed 

The Red Wave is still coming. Do not let fake polls and media liars try to tell you any different. This is just part of their plan to depress the conservative vote and inspire the bored, fed-up Democrat base. The truth is, Dems still have nothing to run on. All they have is “Trump, Trump, Trump.” Joe is out there bashing MAGA and insulting over half the country with these nasty attacks. And he’s doing that on purpose. He’s trying to paint MAGA as so bad, and so evil, that if his people don’t get out and vote, we’ll be turned into the Hand Maid’s Tale. Typical Democrat fear-mongering.

The reality is that Americans, even Black New Yorkers, who you’d think would be lifelong Dems, know that Dems can no longer relate to the average American.

That’s why cities like New York are a complete and total law and order disaster. All liberal cities are in the same mess and are failing.

So, when CSPAN asked the question: “Which party do you trust on crime and “law and order’ issues?” a black man who used to live in New York called in and he dropped some major Truth Bombs and the host was not ready for that much raw truth. You can see it on her face.


Here’s what people online are saying:

“An inconvenient truth….”

“The TRUTH hurts those who don’t want to hear it or believe it !”

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“My heart goes out to that poor host. That must have been very difficult to endure. NO other media outlet would have allowed that caller to spout of such hatred and violent rhetoric. She probably went to a safe space to contemplate the hostility she is enduring with an employer who does not protect their people.”

“He was good and on point!”

“Wow, what a beautiful message.”

There are many people out there who feel this way, and you can’t blame them. The Dem Party has turned their backs on Black and other minorities, and now all they do is cater to the very rich, white elite liberals, so it only makes sense that people are coming to these conclusions.

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