[VIDEO] Don Jr Can’t Believe His Eyes: “Fetterman is so Mentally Shot, He Makes Biden Look Like Elon Musk”

[VIDEO] Don Jr Can’t Believe His Eyes: “Fetterman is so Mentally Shot, He Makes Biden Look Like Elon Musk”

Why is the left insistent on pushing candidates with obvious mental issues? Of course, the number one mental mess is Joe Biden, who is just getting worse by the day. At this point now, he can’t even find his way off a 6-foot stage with an army of Handlers coming to his rescue. The man can’t speak, and when he manages to say something, it has to be walked back by the White House 15-minutes later. He’s confused, and he looks weak, frail, and has this yellowish/gray color to his skin. All in all, he’s a total walking health disaster, both physically and mentally.

But he’s not the only one. Have you seen the Democrats’ senate candidate out of Pennsylvania? His name is John Fetterman, and he’s not only a communist, but he’s a mentally impaired one. And I am not saying that to be “funny.” The man is actually having some deeply disturbing cognitive issues. And it’s no wonder since the unhealthy candidate had a stroke back in May.

And while clips of Fetterman show a man who doesn’t know what he’s talking about, and seems very confused and befuddled, the media is once again carrying water for Dems and telling us it’s just a “speech” thing from the stroke and means nothing.

Yes, this is just like Biden’s “childhood stutter” nonsense, right?

The Hill reported that Pennsylvania Republican Senate nominee Mehmet Oz on Friday released a letter from his doctor affirming his health as he works to keep the spotlight on Democratic nominee John Fetterman’s recovery from a stroke earlier this year.

The campaign also released doctors’ letters to Oz from 2014 and 2018 in addition to a heart EKG report from this year, making the information public two days after the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette urged both candidates to release their medical records.

The op-ed written earlier this week by the newspaper’s editorial board said Fetterman should do so to “reassure the public” amid questions over his health.

“In the interest of full transparency over my own health, I saw my doctor again to get the most current appraisal of my health status. I agree that voters should have full transparency when it comes to the health status of candidates running for office,” Oz said in a statement.

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Rebecca Kuth wrote in her check up of Oz on Thursday that, “You report overall excellent health. On exam here, your blood pressure was in the normal range at 102/70. Your weigh (182 pounds) is at the upper normal range for your height, giving you a body mass index, BMI or ratio of weight to height, of 25 (ideal BMI range is 19 – 24). The rest of your exam is fine.”

Oz has focused in on Fetterman’s health and fitness to serve as a campaign issue, accusing Fetterman of hiding from voters and pressing him to debate. Fetterman was absent from the campaign trail for several months after suffering a stroke just before Pennsylvania’s primaries in May.

His campaign has said he is almost fully recovered but dealing with some lagging auditory processing issues. Fetterman earlier this month committed to a debate with Oz in late October, saying that he had always intended to debate the celebrity doctor. He’s also stepped up his campaign events and held rallies in the state.

Don Jr. shared this clip from Fetterman at a campaign event, where he said, “The Eagles are so much better … than the Eagles!”

Clearly, the man is confused.

Here’s what Jr. said: “Fetterman is so mentally shot that he makes Joe Biden look like Elon Musk.”

Sad but true.

You can watch the video below:

But this isn’t just about disturbing clips, this has real-life implications, and we simply can’t allow yet another cognitively challenged person into the government, especially the Senate.

Western Journal reported that in a Wednesday editorial from Fetterman’s hometown Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, the editorial board noted that there have been delays in scheduling a debate between Fetterman and the Trump-endorsed Republican candidate Mehmet Oz, raising questions about Fetterman’s “ability to communicate and process information.”

The editorial board also pointed out that while Fetterman has made public appearances, his speech still seems to be recovering after the stroke.

In light of this, the Post-Gazette encouraged both candidates to release their health records in order to reassure voters that they are fit for office.

“Mr. Fetterman ought to release the full results of his cognitive tests and other medical records and make his doctors available to the media. Mr. Oz should release his medical records, too,” the editorial board wrote.

I sincerely hope that the American people – especially those in Pennsylvania – have seen what placing a cognitively sick person in a place of leadership can do, and they let this man go relax in rehab and elect Dr. Oz.

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