[VIDEO Nobody On Earth Has Ever Silenced Don Lemon Faster Than This Woman Just Did

[VIDEO Nobody On Earth Has Ever Silenced Don Lemon Faster Than This Woman Just Did

I am sure nobody misses President Trump more than Don Lemon does. This guy was riding high, full of sass, and riding the TV waves back in the Trump days. His Stage 5 TDS fueled nightly rages and rants and he never felt better. But as soon as they uninstalled President Trump, all of that went away. Now, Don Lemon is just another bitter diva and a one-trick-pony who’s got absolutely nothing worthwhile to say.

The new owners at CNN told Don that he has to tone down his partisan rhetoric on his prime-time show. He didn’t listen and recently went on a very unhinged anti-Trump/anti-Republican rage-fest that reportedly got his show axed. Don Lemon lost his prime-time show and is being moved to the low-rated and dreaded morning show slot. I am not sure when the official move will happen, so for the short time being, he still has his nighttime show.

But things aren’t going so well for Don there either…

Don had a guest on his show last night who literally left him at a loss for words in a way I’ve never seen. It’s usually really hard to shut this windbag up, but this woman found a way to do it… and she used facts, which is kryptonite to someone like Don Lemon..

It all started when Don Lemon suggested the Royals should pay reparations for colonialism, and after he said it, and this woman started responding, I bet Don wished he never opened his big, fat yap.

You can watch the video below:

Ouch. That was brutal, but the truth hurts sometimes.

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And sometimes it also leaves you completely speechless.

This is the problem with liberals. Everything they talk about, push, and believe in is based on their own emotions. If they actually looked into the stuff that they’re out there pushing and understood the history, they would see things a lot differently.

But liberals are not interested in facts or history. They just want to scream and rage and throw a fit until they get what they want.

They’re like spoiled, unruly toddlers.

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