[VIDEO] Peter Doocy Gets Biden to Sing a New Tune About All Trump Supporters Being a “Threat”

[VIDEO] Peter Doocy Gets Biden to Sing a New Tune About All Trump Supporters Being a “Threat”

Is the White House reeling from bad internal polling after last night’s “Nazi-like” speech Biden delivered, while bathed in a creepy “blood red” light? I wonder this because Joe is now singing a new tune. Well, a slightly new tune. When Peter Doocy asked him if he believed that ALL Trump supporters were a “threat” to the country, Biden, who looked irked by the question, mumbled by saying, that he didn’t think Trump supporters were a threat… But then he stuck his foot in his mouth AGAIN.

But no matter what Joe says, we all know what he said last night, and what he and his admin have been saying for weeks now about Trump and his voters.

This was the entire gist of Joe’s speech: “Trump got 74,223,369 recorded votes in 2020. Biden labeled every one of them a domestic terrorist & wants to use the power of the federal govt to target them. Enjoy your unity.”

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And this: “Had this wild dream last night where the press secretary called anyone who didn’t agree with the mob a dangerous extremist and then the POTUS gave a speech in front of a blood red backdrop where he declared voting for the other party a danger to democracy”

But today, that tune has changed a bit…

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Here’s what transpired: “Doocy: Do you think all Trump supporters to be a threat to the country?” Biden: “I don’t consider any Trump supporter to be a threat. I do think anyone who calls for the use of violence and refuses to acknowledge an election has been won… That is a threat to democracy.”


So, Biden thinks everyone back in 2016 who claimed that election was “rigged” by the Russians is a threat to “democracy”? That’s his entire base, most of the media, and most of the intel community. They’re all a threat now?

Good to know.

And Stacey Abrams, who still thinks she’s the governor of Georgia, her too? She’s a big ol’ threat, right?

What about his own White House spokesperson? She’s a threat, too, yeah?

Also, good to know. 

Look at the difference:

Maybe Biden is changing his tune because he realized he sounds like a crazy old buffoon with dementia, who can’t control his thoughts and emotions?

Or maybe they got some bad internal polling data, so he’s trying to walk some of that Hitler nonsense back?

Or maybe, Biden is just being the slimy, double-talking swampy politician he’s been nearly his entire miserable life?

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Yeah, I think that last one is probably the right answer.

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