Durham Drops His Biggest Humdinger Yet… Star Player Deep Within SpyGate Was a PAID FBI Source

Durham Drops His Biggest Humdinger Yet… Star Player Deep Within SpyGate Was a PAID FBI Source

Well, believe it or not, Durham’s investigation has yielded one doozy of a bombshell. While the Dems and media scream about the sanctity of the nation’s most sensitive secrets and national security!!!!!! Durham’s recent filing reveals that Igor Danchenko, the source of that fake Steele dossier, was also an FBI “confidential human source” from Mar 2017-Oct 2020. Yep, that’s right, the guy telling all the lies, was on the government payroll. The FBI paid him to lie to them about Trump…

And right now, the FBI is raiding Trump and swarming Mike Lindell at drive-thrus.

Here’s more from Techno Fog’s Substack:

Today, Special Counsel John Durham moved to unseal this motion in limine in the false statements case against Igor Danchenko.

This motion provides new information on the details of Danchenko’s lies to the FBI, further information on how Special Counsel Mueller ignored Danchenko’s false statements, expected testimony from Clinton-connected executive Charles Dolan, and one crazy development.

But we’ll start with the the most damning development: Danchenko was on the FBI payroll as a confidential human source (CHS) from March 2017 through October 2020.

The purposes of making Danchenko a CHS should be quite clear. The Crossfire Hurricane investigation was plagued with problems from the outset. The reasons for opening the investigation were bunk. Those problems continued as the investigation went on, with claims of Trump/Russia collusion proven unverified or outright false. (Thus the targeting of Flynn for a Logan Act violation.)

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That developed into the Carter Page FISA applications, first submitted to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISC) in October 2016, and which relied substantially on the Steele Dossiers (aka Steele Reports). The FISA applications were renewed three times – more on that later. Each application had its own problems, from FBI lawyers lying about Carter Page to the Court being generally misled.

Realizing its own misconduct, the FBI made Danchenko a paid CHS in March 2017 – just before the third FISA warrant was submitted in April 2017. This would allow Comey’s FBI to work directly with Danchenko in support of its counter-intelligence investigation against President Trump.

Danchenko being a CHS also served another purpose: it protected the Bureau and the Mueller Special Counsel from revealing their “sources and methods.” How do you hide misconduct? Bury the witness.

Even Professor Turley got in on the new bombshell:

The FBI was paying Danchenko because he was telling them the lies they needed and wanted to hear, and they likely made him a paid informant after the fact so they could hide his identity.

The corruption in this is so unbelievable and runs so deep and is so insidious, that you can almost understand why they’re so feverishly trying to stop President Trump and his allies right now. There is so much illegal activity and “destroying of democracy” in this nest of lies they created, that you can hardly wrap your head around its magnitude.

THIS is why they can’t allow President Trump back in the White House… and they will do anything and everything to stop him.

Scary thought, folks. 

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