[VIDEO] Hecklers Yell “F**K Joe Biden” With a Bull-Horn During His Prime-Time Hate Speech

[VIDEO] Hecklers Yell “F**K Joe Biden” With a Bull-Horn During His Prime-Time Hate Speech

Well, we joked that Joe Biden was going to give a “Nazi” speech, and low and behold, he actually did it. I’m not joking, it looked like something straight out of Nazi Germany, with this dark, ominous, foreboding look, these red lights, and flags and soldiers in the background. I’m not kidding, it was really creepy. His admin has zero clue about “optics.” If you didn’t watch his speech — good for you — but let me show you what the “scene” looked like. It was like Hitler himself was reincarnated and delivering the fiery victory speech he never gave.


What are his people thinking? He’s running around calling MAGA “semi-fascists” and bringing “Nazis” into this, and then he goes and delivers an angry hate speech, in a setting that looks like it came straight outta the Third Reich?

His people really don’t understand how the “internet” works, and what kind of backlash they’ll face, do they?

And speaking of backlash, during this bizarre, “Hilter” speech, a few people in the audience heckled Joe with a “F**K JOE BIDEN” chant. One guy had a bullhorn. You can tell at one point, that Joe hears the chant, and it bothers him.

Good. Crazy old man.

You can watch the video below:

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I still can’t believe after all his mistakes, bad polling, dementia, and how little support he has, Joe had the audacity to bring up the “81 million” BIG LIE. For a while, they’ve let that one sit on the shelf and collect dust because at this point, it’s so laughably unbelievable to imagine this doddering, bumbling buffoon got 8 million legal votes, let alone 81 million.

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Charlene Greenway
2 months ago

It’s a shame h*w far this great nation has fallen in just two sh*rt years under this criminal administration.

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