Father Returns Lost Wallet To Set A Good Example for His Young Daughter

Father Returns Lost Wallet To Set A Good Example for His Young Daughter

After all this negative political junk we’ve been dealing with, I have the best, uplifting story for you. I love this story so much, and I think you will too. It’s about a father who wanted to teach his daughter the right way to conduct herself, and he did with actions when he found a wallet. Breitbart reported that when Terrance Sessions found a wallet on the ground Sunday while at a gas station with his daughter in Forestbrook, South Carolina, he turned it into a life lesson.

The owner would probably be worried once they realized it was missing, so Sessions took it upon himself to locate the person’s home, according to reports.

When he arrived at the house, a doorbell camera caught the moment he brought the wallet back. The homeowner, who works as a nurse, was extremely thankful so she shared the story online.

Sessions posted still images on social media that showed him performing the good deed, writing, “I honestly didn’t expect to go viral of doing sumin everyone should do.”

His friends were quick to applaud his good example, one person writing, “Very thankful for you my man. Thank you for your effort and kindness. I appreciate you.”

“A good deed never goes unnoticed,” someone else commented, while another said, “You’ve always been this type of person though.”

According to Sessions, his little girl’s mother passed away and he knew it was up to him to teach her to do the right thing even when no one seemed to be watching.

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“You know, no matter what color, no matter what, just do the right thing, because there’s one person looking down from above and I’m always just trying to teach my daughter to do the right thing,” Sessions commented.

What a great father Terrance is. We need so many more like him. If that happens, this world will be a much better place.

Photo credits: Cover: Facebook/Toby Two-Socks, Insert: WT Local

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