Frank Luntz Finally Says Something Intelligent and Spot-On

Frank Luntz Finally Says Something Intelligent and Spot-On

It doesn’t happen very often, it’s kind of like a blue moon, but once in a great while, that lumbering doofus Frank Dunce Luntz gets something right. And this time he’s spot-on when talking about Dems refusing to debate their republican opponents and how American voters won’t like that. He’s right. And this is happening in battleground states all over the country. What’s going on? Well, I’ll tell you what’s happening — Joe Biden, inflation, high gas prices, Afghanistan withdrawal, the mess at the border, falling wages, housing market, recession… these are all the things that vulnerable candidates in battleground states do not want to talk about or be put on the spot ocver. It’s a nightmare for them, and so, they’re deciding to do the unthinkable… They’re refusing to debate.

The Federalist reported that Democrat candidates in pivotal races across the country are avoiding opportunities to defend their platforms before the voters two months before the November midterms.

On Sunday, Arizona Secretary of State and fall gubernatorial candidate Katie Hobbs became the latest Democrat nominee to refuse a debate with her Republican rival. In a statement, the Hobbs campaign declared former television anchor Kari Lake too extreme to share the stage with the Democrat candidate.

“Unfortunately, debating a conspiracy theorist like Kari Lake — whose entire campaign platform is to cause enormous chaos and make Arizona the subject of national ridicule — would only lead to constant interruptions, pointless distractions, and childish name-calling,” Hobbs campaign manager Nicole DeMont said. “We must respectfully decline the invitation.”

Hobbs’ campaign had demanded separate half-hour interviews instead.

Lake called on Hobbs to “grow a spine” in a video published on Twitter.

“I have asked the Clean Elections Commission to extend the deadline for you to confirm your attendance to the day of the debate,” Lake said, announcing plans to speak across from an empty chair on Oct. 12 if need be.

This isn’t how we do things. Why are Dems so hell-bent on reforming how our politician’s campaign and how we vote?

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We know why.

And this is where Frank comes in, and he finally put out a tweet that you’ll actually agree with.

Americans will not like this one “debate refusing” stuff one bit.

Here’s what Frank said: “Arizona voters won’t like refusals to debate. Gubernatorial polls had Katie Hobbs up +5 three months ago. Now, they’re dead even.”

Frank is right. Americans will see this as “hiding” and that’s never good, especially after Joe “Dementia” Biden hid in his basement for his entire campaign.

Luntz is rumored to be the man behind the “Anti-MAGA” push coming from Joe Biden, so trust me, this small little moment of lucidity and clarity is very rare for this guy.

But seriously, this is a really bold and bad move being made by Dems, but that’s how BAD Joe Biden’s America really is.

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