Midterms 2022: GOP Lays Out Commitment To America As Polls Show Many Closer Election Races

Midterms 2022: GOP Lays Out Commitment To America As Polls Show Many Closer Election Races

If voters give them the majority in Congress, House Republicans have pledged to hold the Biden administration accountable for alleged corruption and pursue an economic strategy that puts money back in the pockets of American taxpayers.

Will McConnell and McCarthy take us to the Promised Land? I am not convinced! This “Commitment” offers good fodder for conversation! Will there actually be action? A few years ago, there was Real Action! Time is of the essence!

Rep. Minority Numerous Republican lawmakers joined California’s Kevin McCarthy in announcing the party’s legislative goals in a package they called “Commitment to America.”

“Who has a strategy to reverse that direction, whether you’re like everyone else we hear, whether you can afford it, whether you feel safe, the challenge of your children falling behind or a government that’s run amok? We do. When introducing the new agenda at a meeting in the suburbs of Pittsburgh, Mr. McCarthy stated, “The Democrats have no answer for the mess they created.

McCarthy is a wolf dressed as a sheep. He took steps that delayed finishing the wall by moving slowly. Knowing that Trump was elected based on that promise to American voters, he did this. The wall would have been built before Trump left office if McCarthy had backed his commander. As a RINO, he must leave.

Policies aimed at reducing federal regulations, bolstering public safety, and addressing illegal immigration are on the agenda.

Additionally, Republicans promised to achieve energy independence for the nation, blaming Democratic policies for the nation’s high gas costs.

Investigating the Biden administration on a variety of subjects, such as the politicization of the Justice Department, is towards the top of the priority list.

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“We will hold this administration to account as a Republican majority. We’ll make certain we’re exercising oversight. Elise Stefanik of New York, the chairwoman of the GOP Conference, promised that “we will root out the corruption and bring it back to the People’s House.”

The “Contract with America” proposal of former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, which helped the GOP take control of the House for the first time since the 1950s, served as the model for the blueprint.

Republicans in the House are anticipated to take back the majority this year by comfortably defeating the slim Democratic majority. To take the majority, Republicans just need to add five seats to their total.

The GOP’s program calls for hiring 200,000 more police officers nationally and eliminating the 87,000 additional IRS employees that the Biden administration wants to hire.

To offer Americans greater say over what is taught in public schools, Republicans pledged to adopt a “Parents’ Bill of Rights.” The law would restrict transgender athletes from participating in women’s sports, increase school choice, and provide post-pandemic assistance.

Regarding election security, the GOP will push for nationwide voter ID requirements and more access for election observers. The practice of proxy votes in Congress, which House Speaker Nancy Pelosi repeatedly allowed during the COVID-19 outbreak, will likewise stop, according to Mr. McCarthy.

The Republicans also favor expanding accessible health care alternatives and improving system transparency.

Strengthening national security is high on the agenda, from the border to China’s quick growth.

The party, according to Mr. McCarthy, will address gaps in catch-and-release laws, fully finance law enforcement on the southern border, and invest in the infrastructure and technology required to deter unauthorized crossings. He also promised to form a special committee on China.

Additionally, they would want to permanently classify “any illegal fentanyl” as a felony and take tough measures against district attorneys and prosecutors who they claim are soft on crime.

The legislators said that their recommendations were the result of discussions with citizens from all throughout the nation. The agenda was distributed in the form of a town hall, and attendees from the area spoke.

The GOP has been portrayed by Democrats as being extremist and subservient to the late President Donald Trump.

Rep. Pete Aguilar of California, the vice-chairman of the Democratic Caucus, stated, “The difference between House Democrats’ devotion to our Constitution and the American people against hardline MAGA Republicans’ commitment to safeguarding their own political power has never been more clear.”

Hey McCarthy, I’m curious whether you include people like Hillary Clinton and Hunter Biden when you talk about punishing criminals. You see, whomever holds power doesn’t seem to be able to stop the terrible democrat machine. Millions of our tax dollars are spent, committees are set up, investigations are finished, but no democrat ever appears to be held accountable for the laws broken and the lives lost. We are the ones who must pay for the harm already done. You guys have had several opportunities, but as soon as you take office, it’s “let’s just go on, we need to work together,” and that’s exactly what you do, moving immediately on to the next spending package.

Same song and dance. I feel like I have spent the most of my 53 years on this earth hearing the republicans discuss these issues, as well as healthcare and immigration. The main problem with Kevin’s plan is there is no way to measure success. It’s just a grab-bag of empty promises that require no empirical evidence of success. It’s all just smoke and mirrors and hyperbole to cover the fact that the GOP has no plan.

Republican leadership needs to be replaced if inquiries are necessary. When the question is unnecessary to ask, talk about zero vision. Just take a look around. Consider the crime, our law enforcement, the DOJ, the fbi, yes, lowercase letters, our gas industry, stock market, international affairs, the cost of products and services, the 87,000 armed IRS officers, our AWAKE military, and America!!! Actual donations will result from new leadership. They got my vote, but I won’t give them any cash until the leadership is changed!
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James Leonard
2 months ago

McCarthy is a sell-out and must go completely out of politics. We need real conservatives wh* will get down to b*a*s tacks like the new Italian Prime Minister (never th*ught I would look to Italy for conservative values). It is time to call out and castigate the RINOs. It is time to look at voting records, not words. The “committment” as laid out is GARBAGE.

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