[VIDEO] Gutfeld Catches Bret Off Guard With One Of The Greatest “Hand Offs” Of All Time LOL

[VIDEO] Gutfeld Catches Bret Off Guard With One Of The Greatest “Hand Offs” Of All Time LOL

There’s a reason Greg Gutfeld is the new King of Late Night comedy… he’s quick on his feet, and his jokes are actually funny, and not grounded in emotional coping mechanisms and Stage 5 TDS. It’s always fun to watch Greg work, and yesterday, on his Birthday, he delivered one of his best non-scripted moments ever. And speaking of Stage 5 TDS, Greg’s “Birthday moment” involved none other than Trump-hater Bret Baier. Now that Chris Wallace is gone, Bret is the new stiff/cardboard TDS anchor.

Bret is not exactly a free-wheeling spirit, is he? He’s very buttoned up and corporate and has that “all news” attitude. Which is ironic, because he’s not delivering “all news.” Much of what Bret delivers is his emotional progressive opinions and passive-aggressive attacks against Trump. But thankfully, we didn’t have to see any of that yesterday, because Greg lightened things up with an amusing ad-lib joke.

It happened during the handoff between “The Five” and Bret’s show. He wished Greg a “Happy Birthday” and asked him what he was planning to do, and that’s when Greg caught Bret off guard on live TV, it was amusing watching cardboard Bret look uncomfortable.

I love the look on Greg’s face, and how he laughs.

You can watch the video below:

I love seeing the evolution of Greg Gutfeld. Not that long ago, he was also a Trump-hater. But Greg came around, and he’s embraced the “America First” agenda and President Trump, and it’s wonderful to see.

I think that’s a big reason he’s had so much success, too. The MAGA base is so eager to support him and his work.

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And I really love that he knows Bret’s a big stuff shirt, and he made that crack, anyway. Perfect!

Keep having fun Greg, we love it!

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