Prince Harry Dealt Biggest And Most Gut-Wenching “Banning” Yet, During Final Vigil For The Queen

Prince Harry Dealt Biggest And Most Gut-Wenching “Banning” Yet, During Final Vigil For The Queen

The man formerly known as Prince Harry has been taking it on the chin lately. It’s his own fault. He’s alienated himself from his family, by throwing them under the bus and trampling on centuries of tradition to please his D-list actress wife. So now, as the Royals and the UK prepare to say goodbye to the Queen who ruled for over 70 years, Harry and Meghan look like the awkward odd men out. King Charles actually banned Meghan from traveling to Balmoral Castle, where the Queen took her last breath.

Sure, the Royals are trying to put on a brave and “united” face, which is understandable and expected, but we all know the feud is still going strong and there is no love lost for Meghan and Harry. And that’s why the hits just keep coming to Duke and Dutchess of Sussex. But nothing has been more brutal than this latest blow Harry took during the final vigil for the Queen.

This has got to be the most hurtful yet.

The Daily Mail reported that King Charles III’s son Prince Harry has been banned from wearing military uniform if he attends the final vigil for Queen Elizabeth II at Westminster Hall – but the monarch’s shamed younger brother Prince Andrew will be allowed to don his Armed Forces outfit ‘as a special mark of respect’ for their late mother, it has been claimed today.

Royal sources have said the disgraced Duke of York – a Falklands War veteran who exiled from public life amid the fallout from his role in the Jeffrey Epstein scandal – will be entitled to wear military colours if he attends the ceremonial event on Wednesday.

However, Meghan Markle’s friend and preferred journalist Omid Scobie claimed that the Duke of Sussex – who has also seen military action by serving two tours of Afghanistan – has been banned from wearing his uniform at all ceremonial events during mourning for Her Majesty.

‘I understand that, unlike Prince Andrew, Prince Harry will NOT be allowed to wear uniform at the final vigil in Westminster Hall. No doubt a huge blow for the Duke of Sussex, who served for 10 years and this morning spoke of the Queen being his ”commander-in-chief”’, he tweeted this afternoon.

The Queen will lie in state at Westminster Hall from Wednesday at 5pm until 6:30am Monday 19 September, the day of the state funeral.

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A ceremonial procession is due to take place, which will see the Queen’s coffin travel from Buckingham Palace to the Palace of Westminster for the lying in state. Her coffin will be closed and will rest on a raised platform, called a catafalque, in the hall and will be draped in the Royal Standard with the Orb and Sceptre placed on top. It will be guarded around the clock by a vigil of units from the Sovereign’s Bodyguard, the Household Division, or Yeoman Warders of the Tower of London.

Buckingham Palace has yet to confirm what time the vigil will take place and which royals will attend the event, though it is believed that it will take place before the late monarch’s lying in state opens to the public that evening.

Working members of the Royal Family will wear uniform when present at five ceremonial events during the period of mourning the Queen.

This is a big blow for Harry, but don’t feel sorry for him. This is all his fault.

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