[VIDEO] The Royal Brothers and Wives Reunite, And Meghan Looks Scared Stiff

[VIDEO] The Royal Brothers and Wives Reunite, And Meghan Looks Scared Stiff

Well, in a surprise twist, Harry and Meghan were seen with Kate and William walking outside of Windsor Castle to observe all the flowers and gifts that were for the Queen. This was an unexpected moment, that nobody saw coming. Clearly, King Charles wants to kick off his reign of power without the baggage of a “brotherly feud.” I have a feeling he may get some “warm and fuzzies” during the funeral, but once that’s over, and Harry and Meghan return to America, it’ll be business as usual.

Here’s a photo from the scene outside of Windsor Castle. It’s a sea of flowers, and you can see the Royals gazing at the massive pile.

TMZ reported that William and Kate appear to have extended an olive branch to Harry and Meghan — inviting them to Windsor Castle to take in the public tributes for the Queen.
The Duke and Duchess of Sussex were on hand Saturday, standing shoulder to shoulder with the new Prince and Princess of Wales as they stepped out and observed the scores of flowers and cards left by commoners outside the palace gates … and there were a lot.

Each couple bent down and got a closer look at what the Brits had left there … and they all seemed to be in harmony, not too distant and definitely showing solidarity in their mourning.
It’s quite a sight, considering things haven’t been all that great between Harry and William of late — evidenced in the fact that they hadn’t even seen each other immediately prior to the Queen’s death … when PH and MM were in and around the U.K. within a stone’s throw.

Still, it appears they’ve put their differences aside at this most crucial time and are finally together. The crowds loved to see it too — Harry and Meghan were especially getting a lot of attention as they shook hands and greeted folks.

One TikTok’er who’s a “Royal expert” says she watched all the footage of the Royals and she observed that Meghan looked scared stiff.


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I think Meghan was scared someone in the crowd would heckle her, to be honest. I also think she’s just totally out of her element in Jolly Ol’ England, and perhaps there’s some “guilt” over how often she’s throwing her hosts under the bus. She just seems out of place and awkward.

But as for this “reunion,” I would expect nothing less from the Royals. The last thing they want is to appear petty and small at a time like this.

What will be interesting is to see how things progress as time moves on and the memory of this funeral becomes hazier.

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