Harry and Meghan Have Turned The Queens Funeral Into Circus With Their Temper Tantrums

Harry and Meghan Have Turned The Queens Funeral Into Circus With Their Temper Tantrums

Megxit was a big deal. That’s when Prince Harry and Meghan Markle decided they didn’t want to be Royals anymore, and instead, wanted to move to California and work with Nextflix. And one big thing they had to give up was their titles, “His and Her Royal Highness.” I mean, it makes sense. Yes, Harry is a prince and his father is the King now, but even so, it’s not very “royal” to tell your family to piss off and head to Hollywood with your wicked wife.

Harry Literally turned his back on his family and the royal tradition, and then he proceeded to throw everyone in his family under the bus.

Now, the question everyone has is why on earth are Harry and Meghan shocked and “furious” that their two kids will not be getting HRH titles?

Well, the biggest reason is that they’re two narcissistic entitled jerks.

King Charles III anointed both Archie and Lilibet as prince and princess, but he decided that they won’t be given HRH titles.

That should have been the end of it, right?


This is Harry and Meghan we’re talking about, nothing is ever “finished” with these two spoiled brats. Western Journal reported that Harry and Meghan had started petitioning the rest of the royal family to award their children HRH titles shortly after Queen Elizabeth II’s death last week — because apparently, decorum isn’t Harry or Meghan’s thing, even as Britain is still grieving. “Harry and Meghan were worried about the security issue and being prince and princess brings them the right to have certain levels of royal security,” a source told the Sun.

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“There have been a lot of talks over the past week.”

The source added the couple “have been insistent that Archie and Lilibet are prince and princess.”

“They have been relentless since the queen died,” the source added.

“But they have been left furious that Archie and Lilibet cannot take the title HRH.

“That is the agreement — they can be prince and princess but not HRH because they are not working royals.”

The couple’s argument: Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie have HRH status even though they’re not working royals. Why not Archie and Lilibet?

It might have something to do with the fact that the couple have lobbed accusations of racism against the royal family — Markle is half-black — and gave an ugly tell-all interview to Oprah Winfrey in 2021.

Or maybe it has something to do with the fact that, not content with doing that kind of damage, Prince Harry is set to publish a poison-pen memoir about the royal family.

I get it, tis is definitely a slap in the face to Meghan and Harry, that’s no doubt. But here’s the thing, they deserve it. They’ve acted like pissy teenagers, and there’s no end in sight to their behavior, so this is the result. They don’t get the titles. If you ask me, Charles should have stripped all their titles.

Maybe after Harry’s new “tell-all” book comes out, he will.

They’re turning the Queen’s funeral into a circus, and they don’t care. These two are such spoiled, selfish brats.

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Charlene Greenway
4 months ago

They left the monarchy
, they sh*uldn’t expect to keep any t*tle in my opinion.

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