Watch: Shocking New Video Shows Serious Trouble in Paradise Between Meghan and Harry 

Watch: Shocking New Video Shows Serious Trouble in Paradise Between Meghan and Harry 

As you likely know by now, The queen of England has passed. And if you believe the reports, she left this earth very unhappy that Harry brought Meghan into their lives. One of the last insider reporters I read about the Queen, was that she knew exactly what Meghan was up to… and it wasn’t about Hollywood or movies, it’s all about politics. Meghan wants to be president someday, and she will use Harry’s name and money to create her new political life.

And speaking of Queen Elizabeth’s death, Harry and the rest of the family raced to Scotland where the Queen died, but Meghan didn’t join her husband. She stayed back in London. Very interesting. I am sure she knows she’s not welcome, especially after just throwing the Royals under the bus yet again in that recent “The Cut” interview.


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But is there more to Meghan’s “no-show” in Scotland than meets the eye?

That’s what many are saying after they released this shocking video clip showing what appears to be very big trouble in paradise. It looks like Harry has had enough of his wife and is ready to call it quits.

Maybe that’s wishful thinking…

Take a look:

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There is definitely something going on in that clip, where Harry pulls away.

You can see, clearly, that Harry is bothered.

Maybe it was just a “typical fight” between a married couple, or maybe it’s more… time will tell.

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