Palace Staff Was In a “Frenzy” Trying to Keep Harry And William Apart After Queen’s Death

Palace Staff Was In a “Frenzy” Trying to Keep Harry And William Apart After Queen’s Death

There has been so much drama swirling around the Queen’s death. And it’s not a shocker, by any stretch. Most of it was caused by Harry and Meghan, two people who drove a spear through the Queen’s heart by throwing the entire Royal family under the bus on several occasions. Of course, they all usually live separate lives, so far away, but this death has brought them all back around and it’s not been easy on the staff, who are working like crazy to keep the feuding brothers apart.

Page Six reported that there’s dysfunctional families — and then there is the British royal family.

Normally, their tensions can be alleviated by distance: With palatial homes all over the British Isles, there is enough room for them to avoid relatives they’d rather not speak to or see. But this week has presented a huge challenge for the security detail at Windsor Great Park, as they work to avoid an unwanted run-in.

Prince Harry and wife Meghan Markle have made a brief return to Frogmore Cottage, their former home on the property, while attending events such as the One Young World Summit and Thursday’s Well Child Awards.

On the same grounds, a mere 0.3 miles away, is Adelaide Cottage — the brand-new home of Prince William, his wife, Kate Middleton, and their three children.

And royal employees have gone to great lengths to make sure the four, who famously have a frosty relationship at the moment, don’t run into each other.

“Staff are in hysterics because they literally live a stone’s throw from each other and they don’t get along,” one palace insider told Page Six.

Also nearby? Royal Lodge, the $35 million mansion occupied by the princes’ disgraced uncle, Prince Andrew — who has been jettisoned from public view after getting caught up in the Jeffrey Epstein sex-abuse scandal — and his ex-wife and constant companion, Sarah Ferguson.

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“Adelaide Cottage, Royal Lodge and Frogmore traditionally share gardens within the estate,” the palace insider said.

“However, it is unlikely that they will be used by all three families at once due to the animosity. If [any of them] do plan on using the gardens, then they will need to be scheduled through private secretaries and security. The Yorks’ diary secretary will have to liaise with the Cambridges’ secretary and coordinate schedules with the Sussex secretary.”

And William can squash the others’ garden walk, it seems.

“There is very much a hierarchy — with William and Kate at the top — and they don’t get along with either of the others,” the palace insider added.

This renewed feud between William and Harry stems from yet another brash interview Harry’s wife Meghan gave about the Royals.

She threw them under the bus yet again… it’s getting old.

So, you’d have to think that Harry (and Meghan) are the very last people the core Royals want to see or interact with, especially at this emotional time.

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