All Roads and Raids Lead Back to Hillary

All Roads and Raids Lead Back to Hillary

There are so many questions about that FBI raid at Mar-a-Lago and there are probably so many reasons they did it. They want to stop President Trump from running in 2024, and another perfectly timed “deadly pandemic” might look suspicious at this point. But is that the only reason? Doubtful. Maybe they wanted to know what Trump had in terms of papers to out Obama’s snooping scandal, “SpyGate”? Sure, that could be, but chances are they know what he has or doesn’t have on that.

So, what else could it be? Well, many people believe the raid had everything to do with Hillary Clinton and the lawsuit President Trump has launched over the Russia Hoax.

Did the swamp slither into President Trump’s home to fish out the evidence he de-classified to use in his lawsuit? That’s what some think.

One man who proposed that theory is political analyst and blogger, Don Suber. He recently wrote a good piece on Bill Barr, and how he has now given his “establishment blessing” to the Mar-a-Lago raid, right on cue, for that traitorous bastard.

Here’s what Don Suber said: Trump is suing Hillary and the Democrat Party for creating the Russia dossier which was used to kneecap the Trump presidency. The FBI wants to see just what goods Trump has on the FBI before the case goes any further. Barr’s defense of the FBI under these circumstances is appalling.

And Don isn’t the only one who has shared this theory.

Top pollster Rasmussen said the exact same thing: “Donald J. Trump v Hillary R. Clinton, et al may have now become a lot tougher case to win for plaintiff Trump – who declassified key evidence of corruption by Clinton when he was The President of the United States – and then just had that evidence confiscated by – The Swamp …”

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President Trump’s lawsuit is likely what prompted this raid, even more so than trying to stop him in 2024. I think they knew exactly what Trump had, and they knew if they didn’t go in and get it, they’d be up a swamp without a paddle.

And now, the coverup begins, with all the “nuclear secrets” and “obstruction of justice” hoopla. You know what they say … the coverup is often worse than the crime…

Hillary wants to run in 2024, and she can’t have this lawsuit ruining it for her.

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Charlene Greenway
3 months ago

It’s beginning to look like the only way that hillary is going to get her just deserts is when she stands before the final judge.

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