[VIDEO] Just Days After a Republican Teen Was Murdered, Hillary Calls Trump Supporters “Nazis”

[VIDEO] Just Days After a Republican Teen Was Murdered, Hillary Calls Trump Supporters “Nazis”

At some point, you just have to realize that the left needs chaos and violence in order to operate. They can’t operate in calm and serenity. They are a party of division, victimhood, and anger. That’s why they’re always saying these rotten, nasty things. This is why Joe Biden shuffled around the country attacking Trump supporters as “threats” to the very soul of the nation and called us “Republican Extremists.” That phrase was used a week or so later by a violent and unhinged Democrat who mowed down and murdered a conservative teen with his car because he thought the kid was a “Republican Extremist” who was out to get him.

Yes, Joe Biden has blood on his shaky gray hands. He demonized half of America and made us sound worse than ISIS, so of course, his mentally ill base would be afraid and desperate to protect themselves.

And now, just days later, Hillary Clinton is out there doing basically the same thing. She’s out there calling us “NAZIS” right after a young teen was murdered.

These people don’t care. The more violence, the better. The more hate, the better. The more division and confusion, the better.

More, more, more.

You can watch the video below:

Hillary Clinton, once a very powerful player in the Democrat political scene, is a useless dinosaur these days, much like her pal, Joe Biden. She has NOTHING new to offer, no fresh ideas, and everything she’s supposedly fighting against, should have been fixed during the 40 or so years she’s been in or around politics. The same goes for Joe Biden, by the way. These old timers are out there “fighting” for what? Why haven’t they fixed anything yet?

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Here’s what people online are saying:

“She should be in prison”

“Funny, Biden’s ‘red’ speech was more Hitler-like than anything I’ve seen from Trump.”

“She needs to go way and enjoy good old retirement on a beach some where!”

“She’s an alcoholic, and her Husband is a Pervert.”

“any plaintiff personal injury lawyers wanting to take a huge class action lawsuit against her and every Democrat who slanders and defames 75 plus million law abiding citizens. They put our lives at risk too.”

“She’s so incredibly jealous and bitter” 

“Don’t they have a hairdresser at the home?” 

“She looks awful. The years have not been kind to her.”

“She looks like Bill Maher had a baby with Meat Loaf”

“She’s struggling to stay relevant.”

That’s because Dems can’t fix things. They need anger, victimhood, and chaos to operate.

I just want to show you something from 2011 at the height of the ‘Tea Party” movement. I want you to see how the left hasn’t changed, their tactics remain the same, only the “enemy” changes:

To be sure, there is a lot of heated rhetoric in American politics, as ever. For instance, last spring, three Democratic congressmen cruelly slandered Tea Party members by accusing them of spitting on them and calling them racial slurs—a charge that was reported as true by the Times even after it was thoroughly debunked by videotapes of the event. Film director Rob Reiner compared the Tea Party to the Nazis on Bill Maher’s HBO show last October. And in May, New York mayor Michael Bloomberg infamously blamed an Islamist attempt to bomb Times Square on “someone who didn’t like health care or something.” Indeed, the Left’s hysterical response to all who disagree with it—that they are racist or sexist or “phobic” or somehow reminiscent of Hitler—has become so predictable that satirists, from the libertarian Greg Gutfeld to the liberal Jon Stewart, have made fun of it in routines.

If you replaced the word “Tea Party” with Trump Supporter, that article could’ve been written today. The point is this, Dems have been dividing, fear-mongering, and spreading hate, and lies for decades now. President Trump isn’t “worse” than Bush, or the Tea Party movement, he’s just newer. The left doesn’t change, only their targets do. And if you remember this, it helps when you battle them. Don’t ever back down, or apologize, no matter what they call you because it’s all a game to them. A game they play over and over and over again.

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