20-Year-Old Hockey Captain Drops Dead During Pre-Season Game

20-Year-Old Hockey Captain Drops Dead During Pre-Season Game

I have yet another very sad story to report. This is becoming more common every day. Another healthy young person has suddenly dropped dead — this time it was the captain of a hockey team.

The young man, only 20 years old, collapsed during the first intermission of the pre-season hockey tournament this past Tuesday night.

We don’t know what he died of, but many people are speculating, and I am sure you know what they’re thinking. I can’t really get too deep into it, because I will get flagged by “fact-checkers.” But I think we all know that something is off with many of these deaths of young people, it’s happening so often, and it’s so disturbing.

The Daily Caller reported that 20-year-old junior hockey captain Eli Palfreyman died in the locker room Tuesday during a preseason game in Ontario.

The newly-appointed captain collapsed in the first intermission of an Ayr Mutual Global Invitational tournament game on Tuesday night, according to the Toronto Sun. Efforts to revive him at the North Dumfries Community Centre hockey arena and Cambridge Memorial Hospital were unsuccessful, the outlet noted.

“Eli had the best of care from our medical staff and quick response from the ambulatory staff,” Centennials vice president Brian Shantz said in a statement to the Sun.

Here is a tribute video for the young athlete:

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None of this is normal, and I just wonder when it will get to the point where somebody in the media decides to actually investigate this nightmare.

How bad does this have to get before that happens?

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