[VIDEO] What if I Told You One of The Biggest Liberal Activists Around is On The Side of DeSantis?

[VIDEO] What if I Told You One of The Biggest Liberal Activists Around is On The Side of DeSantis?

Sometimes, when you push enough “common sense” out into the open, it’s going to seep into people, eventually. Even the people you don’t think it would. Because common sense is just that — it’s the “duh” stuff that you really can’t argue with because it’s just right. And that’s what we’re looking at right now with the whole immigration fiasco. We’ve got millions crossing our border into these small, working-class border towns who are overwhelmed and doomed as a result, and Dems don’t say a word about it. But the second DeSantis sends 50 illegal migrants to a posh nearly all-white liberal island, the entire Dem party comes unraveled.

It was a powerful move, and it exposed a lot… and again, it’s just common sense. How can you worry about 50 people, but you don’t care about millions pouring over and flooding small working-class towns? The elites only care about themselves. They’ll pretend to care about “refugees” and “BLM” as long as those people don’t come to their neighborhoods.

And that’s why liberal activist and talk show host Charlamagne Tha God says that what DeSantis did was “genius,” and no, he was not being sarcastic.

Charlamagne Tha God has some of that ” Eat The Rich” vibe in him, and I think he liked the idea that DeSantis made an island full of rich white Biden voters look like hypocrites.

But, it’s what he said about illegal immigration that will shock you — he admitted that Dems don’t want it either.

You can watch the video below:

I think that was a very eye-opening clip. The reality of what’s really going on is starting to leak out and people are looking at this and thinking, “this makes no sense.”

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So many well-guarded liberal secrets are making their way to the surface, aren’t they?

These are not loving, tolerant people who care about minorities. They’re elitists who use minority and minority causes to virtue signal to their other rich liberal friends and to feel good about themselves, but they do not want those people living anywhere near them.

The Biden voters on Martha’s Vineyard made that point very clear to all of America… and that’s why Dems are so mad.

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