[VIDEO] Irish Celebrate Queen Elizabeth’s Death With a Gory “Song” During Soccer Game 

[VIDEO] Irish Celebrate Queen Elizabeth’s Death With a Gory “Song” During Soccer Game 

There still is no love lost between the Irish and the English. There are a lot of animosities between the two groups — about 800 years worth, give or take a few. So, this is likely why an entire soccer stadium “celebrated” when they heard the Queen had passed. They all sang a really gory song, about “Lizzy” being in a box, and it was very clear from that moment on that the Irish had absolutely no love for the Queen of England.

Part of their angst is based on a long-ago history, but some of it is also more recent, according to many Irish online users, who blame many current Irish deaths on Queen Elizabeth.

Many believe that the Queen was not a remnant of colonial times, but was an active participant in colonialism. They believe she actively tried to stop independence movements & she tried to keep newly independent colonies from leaving the Commonwealth.

These chants are a result of that anger.

You can watch the video below:

Newsweek reported that some of the younger royals, including Princes William and Harry, have attempted to address Britain’s role in the violence and subjugation of the people in its colonies.

The Duke of Cambridge said the “appalling atrocity of slavery forever stains our history” during a royal Caribbean tour with his wife Kate Middleton this year.

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He spoke hours after Jamaican Prime Minister Andrew Holness told him of the country’s ambition to remove the then Queen Elizabeth II as head of state.

William and Kate were met with protests on the tour including in Jamaica’s capital, Kingston, with campaigners calling for an apology for slavery and reparations.

The Advocates Network, which organized the demonstration, issued an open letter to the couple stating the Queen had “done nothing to redress and atone for the suffering of our ancestors.”

Harry and his wife Meghan Markle triggered a conversation about the crimes of Britain’s past when he described the struggle in Commonwealth countries to “move forward.”

I have a feeling that “Woke” King Charles will definitely be addressing these issues and making matters even worse.

He’s a bumbler, just like Joe Biden.

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