The Big Final January 6th Public Hearing Was Just Canceled

The Big Final January 6th Public Hearing Was Just Canceled

Trust me, the January 6th hearing did NOT want to have to cancel their communist show trial. This is supposed to be the “final hoorah” before they announce their decision on what will be done. Here’s a spoiler alert: they will request criminal charges against President Trump. I mean, duh, seriously. We all know what they’re doing, for crying out loud. But they were forced to cancel the hearing, which was to be held on Wednesday, because of the big Florida hurricane.

But they’re now under a time crunch, as we’ve only got about 5 weeks before election day, and they’re hoping that this hearing and their final decision will impact midterms.

Fat chance. 

The Hill reported that the House panel investigating the Jan. 6, 2021 attack on the Capitol is battling for attention after it delayed its hearing scheduled this week — the first public hearing it was to hold in more than a month — as Hurricane Ian bore down on Florida.

The hurricane, the first major storm to hit the Tampa Bay area in a century, has captured widespread attention after it was projected to be a major hurricane earlier this week. It made landfall in Florida on Wednesday afternoon as a Category 4 storm.

A scramble to avert a government shutdown by week’s end is similarly consuming Washington, while some lawmakers are also weighing how to move forward on a controversial permitting reform bill after it was struck from a stopgap bill this week.

Hanging over everything is the final five-plus weeks of campaigning before the midterms, with cash-strapped candidates and allied groups rushing to invest in ads and on-the-ground resources with control of Congress hanging in the balance.

This week’s scrapped Jan. 6 hearing has yet to be put back on the calendar after it was postponed Tuesday, though members are signaling they are eager to wrap up their work and make their recommendations before Election Day in November.

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Details have been guarded, so it’s not clear who might testify or what footage the public will see, though Chairman Rep. Bennie Thompson (D-Miss.) has suggested in interviews there is more evidence that has yet to be shown to the public.

The panel must make several decisions before it finishes its investigation, including whether to make criminal referrals and when to transfer material to the Justice Department, which is conducting its own probes.

This week’s hearing was slated to be held Wednesday afternoon, after several prime-time hearings. Whenever it’s rescheduled, it’s expected to be the panel’s final hearing until it releases a report on its findings and makes recommendations for legislation.

The left is barking up a loser’s tree with this January 6th nonsense. It happened two years ago, and the only people it impacted were a few unlikeable politicians like Chuck Schumer, whose fax machine was vandalized. It was a three-hour scuffle, likely led by a bunch of undercover feds, at an otherwise very peaceful protest. And the only person who was killed was an unarmed Trump supporter named Ashli Babbit.

The American people have moved on from this. There was an impeachment trial, that failed. What more do these political ghouls want? They’re beating this dead horse so hard now and with such desperation, it’s unreal to see.

Americans are checked out of this. They’ve got much bigger fish to fry, like trying to afford groceries in Joe Biden’s sucky America. By the way, have you seen how gas prices are soaring upwards again? You won’t see Joe Biden or his White House taking “gas” victory laps anymore. Which is great, because that was so phony and ridiculous. The man is draining our strategic reserves so he can have a brief and fake political victory. He should be impeached for that, to be honest.

But back to the J6 nonsense. A poll from CNN found that the public and prime-time hearings did literally nothing to change public perceptions.

After the eight public hearings held by the House Select Committee investigating the January 6, 2021, attack on the US Capitol, the American public’s views on the state of democracy and the threat posed to it by that event have changed little, according to a new CNN poll conducted by SSRS.

Although most of that poll is laughable garbage, I do believe they got the part about Americans not being impacted by the show trials right.

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