Jill Shocks Many With Skin-Tight Shiny Black “Leather” Dress, Showing Off Every Bulge, Ripple and Sag

Jill Shocks Many With Skin-Tight Shiny Black “Leather” Dress, Showing Off Every Bulge, Ripple and Sag

I didn’t think any “first lady” could have worse fashion taste than Michelle Obama. That woman looked like a trainwreck90 percent of the time. But much to my shock, Jill Biden has done it. She’s taken the spot of worse-dressed “first lady.” Because not only does she dress atrocious, but she doesn’t dress “age appropriate.” This is an elderly woman, and while I will agree that she looks as though she takes care of herself, she is not in any “shape” to be dressing like a 30-year-old. It’s tacky. It’s desperate. It’s poor taste.

This woman is 71 years old.

How can we forget when Jill decided to go all “Material Girl” on us and wear the 80s mini skirt, fishnets, and ankle boots? I mean, the cringe factor of that was so off the charts, it couldn’t even be registered.

The Invented Scandal of Jill Biden's Fishnets | Vogue

I think they were trying to start a trend. It didn’t work.

Since that backfire, her people have been dressing her more age appropriate. But instead of making it “stylish,” they’ve made her look frumpy in these dresses that look like tablecloths and shower curtains. It’s one ghastly extreme to the next. Clearly, they’re having a fashion identity crisis with Jill. It’s really not that hard. She’s an elderly woman, give her a Talbot credit card and tell her to go wild.

Well, I am sad to say that we’re back o the “extremes” again. Jill has thrown aside the frumpy tablecloth dresses and has decided to look like Alice Cooper on a comeback tour. She’s now sporting skin-tight black leather.

She looks like a seal.

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It’s a shame. Jill really is an attractive older woman. If she was styled the right way, she could be dazzling. However, she is NOT styled the right way, and as a result, she looks tragic.

Here’s what people online saying:

“No woman over 60 should wear a black, fake leather wet suit anywhere.”

“She looks like the grim reaper going to a night club”

“Is that a wetsuit she is wearing?”

“That’s quite the wet suit, Jill”

“Why can’t Jill Biden just dress like a normal elderly woman?”

“Told y’all Sauna Suits were coming back.”

“If Jill stands too close to a polar bear, she’s in big trouble” 

“Jill Biden: reminding us all that Halloween is just around the corner” 

“Jll Biden looks like a vampire” 

“I am getting Alice Cooper vibes with this outfit” 

“Dear God, you can see every saga and pucker.” 

“Why is Jill Biden cosplaying as Trinity from The Matrix?”

“Why does Jill pretend she’s 16?”

“Ooof First Lady looking frumpy”

“Wow…sandy dont look as good in leather as she did 40 years ago.”

“Are we living in the geriatric Matrix?”

“What does Jill have on? She looks horrendous. Is she dressed for Halloween? Freak show.”

“Dr jill looks like a worn out $5 hooker”

“Why are they not giving that woman a pair of spanx? Jeez.”

I agree, they should’ve given Jill some spandex undergarments to smooth out all the bumps and bulges and maybe a nice push-up bra to stop the saggy blues.

Probably by far, her most tragically awful look yet.

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