[VIDEO] Jill Has To Play Nursemaid To Joe in Public…Yet AGAIN

[VIDEO] Jill Has To Play Nursemaid To Joe in Public…Yet AGAIN

As Joe appears to get worse, and his confusion and cognitive issues seem to become more pronounced, Jill Biden is around more. I have noticed that the worse he gets, the more she’s around… and I can only assume that it’s to help keep Joe in line. One thing he’s been struggling with lately is finding his way off the tiny stages he’s on. He gets so utterly confused and doesn’t know which way to go. There are only two ways to pick, and every single time, he picks the wrong way, first.

Remember on that 60 Minutes interview a couple of weeks ago, and the reporter told Joe that most Americans feel he’s not mentally fit for the job, and his response to that was to tell Americans to “watch him” — as if we hadn’t been watching, and somehow now, if we watched, we’d be put at ease? This man is a lunatic.

Yesterday, right after a video memorial for a congresswoman who died back in August, Joe Biden took the stage and was literally looking for her in the audience. “Hey, Jackie? Where’s Jackie?”

Well, Joe, she’s in a coffin, buried 6-feet underground right now, not sitting in the audience, listening to you blather on.

And here we are again, at another event, and wifey Jill is playing the dutiful undercover nursemaid, trying to cover up for Joe’s “dementia.”

He’s lost on stage, doesn’t know where to go, and ironically, he’s at “home” in this clip, in the Rose Garden, for crying out loud. He just has no ability to sense where he is.

Jill can’t contain any of this at this point, it’s like putting a bandaid on a gushing wound.

You can watch the video below:

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Here’s what people online are saying:

“Jill is helping Joe from constantly getting lost on stage”

“He always has to be directed. Sad.”

“Come now…. let me take your hand so I can show you what I think you’re supposed to do as a president.”

“She’s running most of the show” 

“When we get older, we get slower, mind works slower, etc. We take car keys away from our parent/grandparents because they are a danger to our roads. Just who’s running this country anyway?”

“He’s not running this country. We have a right to know who is.” 

“Why hasn’t the FBI raided Jill Biden for elder abuse?” 

“Every time I see him, which isn’t often, he does not look well.”

“The meds arent working today?”

“time to go back to deleware and get more IVS” 

“Oh lord. Conservatives please get out and vote this November! Can’t sit this one out” 

“She should be ashamed of herself for not stopping him from running for office she knew is mind was gone”

“As the dude in the wheelchair exits correctly in the background. Omg!”

“Shame on her. I guess this is why he was chosen in the first place. But she knew and signed on anyway.”

“Tucker said that his friends in the Biden family were SHOCKED he “won,” because he’s been so far gone for so long” 

“Why does he always look lost?”

“I did this with my 2 year old…and still do it with my dog.”

“Well, he told us to WATCH him, and we are, and it’s terrifying.” 

So, I saw this video of Jill and Joe wearing masks outside, and I rolled my eyes. But I noticed something even more interesting than Jill and Joe’s constant mockery of “sCiEnCe.” I noticed that Jill is looking really fed-up with Joe. I watched the clip, and how she had to move him, and the way she did it, just gave me an “annoyed” vibe. So, I went and looked online to see if others felt the same way, and sure enough, many people did.

It appears that Joe is getting harder for Jill to manage, or she’s just getting sick of it, or hey, maybe it’s both things in one… that’d be my guess. But just the way she walks over to him and moves him and then turns and walks away has a really “irksome” feel to it. I know we can’t see her mouth, but you can still get a vibe from people by their movements, body language, and eyes, and Jill seems really annoyed.

There was no loving “pat” or “twinkle” in her eyes as she was moving him and she did not linger, she moved him, rather abruptly and quickly, and then spun around and walked away.

Not to mention, that as annoyed as she looked doing that, it’s ABSURD that anybody would have to treat the so-called “president” of the United States that way… and let’s be honest, this sort of thing happens all the time between Joe and Jill. She’s always directing him, running cover for him, or dragging him away from the press as if he’s a toddler, unable to make his own good decisions.

You can watch the video below (there’s no audio on this video, by the way):

That doesn’t look like a “happy nursemaid” does it?

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